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A rarity nowadays – a movie rental spot. It stocks cult, rare horror, indie and sci-fi films plus merchandise


PRESS: The Lobby Local Video store

Shaw Intern Amor Dardouri takes us a little trip to a local Video store that specializes in Horror.

PRESS: Last store standing

Answer: The Lobby DVD Shop. Known for being the last video store in Edmonton, The Lobby was born from owner/operator Kevin Martin’s love for...

PRESS: A local video rental store commercial so good it’s headed to South by...

A locally produced ad for an anachronistic movie rental shop on Whyte was so well done it’s officially world-premiering at South by Southwest in Austin on the...

A classic one of a kind..

Get one at The Lobby, only 20 bucks.

Metro Cinema and Boom Bap Cinema Present HOUSE PARTY this Saturday, Sept. 14th at 9:15pm!

Many memories from the 80s and 90s through my VCR still stand out in my younger years and KID and PLAY's HOUSE...

Warner Brother Archives Keeps On Bringing it!

Out of all the companies bringing us forgotten gems back to life on Blu Ray with gorgeous new transfers Warner Archives are...