Another glorious week of cinema comes crashing into the video store and a big highlight is the documentary HOLLYWOOD DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES, the definative documentary on genre icon ROBERT ENGLUND. Should be a beauty. Now let’s see what else what else we have coming!

, Jackie and Danny’s marriage has taken a turn for the worst. They turn to what they believe to be their only option, Amityville Couples Counselor Frank Domonico, a doctor with a hidden, sinister past, who recommends an isolated cabin retreat. Little do they know that the doctor plans to end their sessions, as well as their lives, with a devilish Thanksgiving dinner, and them as the main course!

After a rash of “toilet murders” sweep across the sleepy town of Amityville, New York, a Ghost Hunter is called in to investigate. He soon finds himself back in an eerie home that is known for a legacy of paranormal executions.

Four best friends and members of the Midnight Society get more than they bargained for when a fun summer vacation on a resort island turns into something sinister. They encounter genuine terror locked away in one of the rooms in their hotel, and try as they might to enjoy their vacation, the kids are pulled back into the mystery of the island’s ghosts. This ultimately leads them to a terrifying and shocking revelation: many guests check in to room 13, but they never check out.

When a drug deal goes awry, best friends Stephen and Ian find themselves at odds with a rival crime outfit. Soon after, their lives are turned upside down when they spend a lust filled night with two beautiful women who turn out to be bloodthirsty angelic vampires. Once the vampiric transformation takes hold, Stephen and Ian use their newfound bloodlust and immortality to enact a gore soaked revenge on their backstabbing adversaries. But when Stephen makes a pact with a demon to hunt down and exterminate the angels that spawned him, the former friends must battle to the death as the ultimate fate of mankind hangs in the balance.

The feature debut of director Frank Henenlotter (Brain Damage, Frankenhooker), 1982’s Basket Case is perhaps his most revered – a riotous and blood-spattered midnight movie experience, now immortalized in a lavish new 4K restoration by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Duane Bradley is a pretty ordinary guy. His formerly conjoined twin Belial, on the other hand, is a deformed, fleshy lump whom he carries around in a wicker basket. Arriving in the Big Apple and taking up a room at the seedy Hotel Broslin, the pair set about hunting down and butchering the surgeons responsible for their separation. But tensions flare up when Duane starts spending time with a pretty blonde secretary, and Belial’s homicidal tendencies reach bloody new extremes.

Filmed on a shoestring budget against the backdrop of 1980s New York (where the movie would become a staple of the infamous 42nd Street grindhouse circuit), Basket Case has clawed its way from its humble origins to become one of the most celebrated cult movies of all time.

A noir about a gold digging society reporter who keeps herself in the headlines by marrying a series of wealthy men, all of whom die under mysterious circumstances. Robert Paige, Leslie Brooks, Russ Vincent, Jack Bernhard, 1948. 

A man and his brother on a mission of revenge become trapped in a harrowing occult experiment dating back to the Third Reich. Michael Fassbender, Joel Schumacher, 2009. 

The dead are coming back to life outside the isolated Mi’gMaq reserve of Red Crow, except for its Indigenous inhabitants who are strangely immune to the zombie plague. Jeff Barnaby, 2019. 

In 1920, one brilliant movie jolted the postwar masses and catapulted the movement known as German Expressionism into film history. That movie was The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a plunge into the mind of insanity that severs all ties with the rational world. Director Robert Wiene and a visionary team of designers crafted a nightmare realm in which light, shadow and substance are abstracted, a world in which a demented doctor and a carnival sleepwalker perpetrate a series of ghastly murders in a small community. This authoritative edition of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a 4K restoration scanned from the (mostly) preserved camera negative at the German Federal Film Archive.

Three Hong Kong gang fighters (Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Jacky Cheung, Waise Lee) try crime in Vietnam and land in a prison camp with U.S. soldiers.

In 1947, a young girl is roasted alive in a car accident. Thirty years later, her grown brother returns to their childhood home with his mentally unstable wife and sweet daughter Cathy. But when the dead aunt’s vengeful spirit possesses the child, it will unleash an unnerving nightmare of creepy mediums, demonic dolls, and plenty of sick 70s foul-mouthed moppet mayhem.

French horror. Dancers gather in a remote, empty school building to rehearse on a wintry night. The all-night celebration morphs into a hallucinatory nightmare when they learn their sangria is laced with LSD. Gaspar Noé (2018)

It tells the story of two documentary filmmakers who set out to create a film about a conspiracy theorist named “Terrance G” who disappears during the making of the film. The two filmmakers are subsequently drawn into the world of a global syndicate whose aims and machinations are clouded in secrecy.

Fashion designer (Kathleen Turner) leads a double life as China Blue, a prostitute stalked by a sexually frustrated private detective and a psychopathic priest (Anthony Perkins) in possession of a murderous sex toy. Ken Russell (1984) 

Beginning with an explosive, six-minute montage of sex, drugs and violence, and ending with a phallus-headed battle robot taking flight, Takashi Miike’s unforgettable Dead or Alive Trilogy features many of the director’s most outrageous moments set alongside some of his most dramatically moving scenes.

A disgraced internet personality attempts to win back his followers by livestreaming one night alone in a haunted house which upsets a vengeful spirit. Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter, 2022. 

Trying to recover from a disastrous tour, a fledgling metal band decides to record their new album which contains a series of notes derived from a Satanic piece …

Iconic Italian horror, after witnessing the murder of a famous psychic, a musician teams up with a feisty reporter to find the killer while evading attempts on their lives by the unseen assailant bent on keeping a dark secret buried. Dario Argento (1975) 

Something is causing the dead to rise from their graves as flesh-eating zombies, and cemetery custodian Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett) grows tired of killing them all for the second time. However, the town politicians won’t listen to him, so Francesco is on his own. One day, he falls for a beautiful woman (Anna Falchi) whose husband has recently died — but their affair is tragically interrupted by zombies, sending Francesco into a tailspin of madness and woe.

THEY WILL MAKE CEMETERIES THEIR CATHEDRALS, AND CITIES WILL BE YOUR TOMBS! From the minds of Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava comes the horrific Heavy Metal splatter film classic, DEMONS! Presented in a stunning new high-definition transfer and re-mastered audio!
A strange masked man offers tickets to a horror movie sneak preview at the mysterious Metropol cinema. When a patron is accidentally scratched by a prop displayed in the lobby, she transforms into a flesh-ripping demon! One by one, the audience members mutate into horrible creatures hell-bent on destroying the world. Can anyone escape this gory orgy of terror?
Features an amazing soundtrack of 80s rock/heavy metal by Billy Idol, Scorpions, Motley Crue, Accept, Saxon and MORE!

The ultimate mausoleum of movie madness unleashing a stupefying serving of delightfully depraved and garishly gory trailer trash from the defining decade of Decadence! Erupting with almost 4 hours of a non-stop body and breast count. 

FIRST TIME ON BLU RAY! Karen, a young psychiatric nurse, boards the last subway train headed toward the end of the line. Suddenly it stops in the middle of the tunnel, and the nightmare begins…a group of religious cult members have finally gotten their long-awaited signal that the Armageddon has started and it is now their sacred duty to save the souls of as many people as possible. Caught in a whirlwind of murder and madness, Karen and a few survivors band together to fight the cult members in the dark underground tunnels of the subway. But can they even trust each other? And why are they seeing terrifying supernatural occurrences? Could the cult be right?

IMPORT BLU RAY EDITION! Video game designer Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) has created a virtual reality game called eXistenZ. After a crazed fan attempts to kill her, Allegra goes on the run with Ted (Jude Law), a young businessman who falls into the role of bodyguard. In an attempt to save her game, Allegra implants into Ted’s body the video game pod that carries a damaged copy of eXistenZ. Allegra and Ted engage in a series of experiences that blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

At his secluded chateau in the French countryside, a brilliant, obsessive doctor (Children of Paradise’s Pierre Brasseur) attempts a radical plastic surgery to restore the beauty of his daughter’s disfigured countenance—at a horrifying price. Eyes Without a Face, directed by the supremely talented Georges Franju (Judex), is rare in horror cinema for its odd mixture of the ghastly and the lyrical, and it has been a major influence on the genre in the decades since its release. There are images here—of terror, of gore, of inexplicable beauty—that once seen are never forgotten.

IMPORT BLU RAY EDITION! Working New Year’s Eve at a hotel in Hollywood, Calif., the new bellhop, Ted (Tim Roth), has no idea what’s in store for him. Left alone to tend to the guests, Ted soon finds himself in completely over his head. Between a domestic dispute and a demented entourage, spell-casting witches and destructive children, Ted has little hope of making it through the night in one piece. As he tries to maintain order and save his own life, the unlucky bellhop encounters one deranged guest after another.

From Harmony Korine, screenwriter of the critically acclaimed Kids, comes a haunting portrait of life in small-town America. Through a collection of dreamlike and devastating images, Korine offers a glimpse of Xenia, Ohio, a world existing in the aftermath of a tornado. Survivors of one natural disaster, the towns inhabitants live each day in a numbing atmosphere of physical and emotional destruction. With an ensemble cast including Max Perlich (Beautiful Girls, Drugstore Cowboy) and Academy Award nominated Chloe Sevigny (Boys Dont Cry), Harmony Korine has created an American original. Gummo cannot be forgotten.

Mathieu Kassovitz took the film world by storm with La haine (Hate), a gritty, unsettling, and visually explosive look at racial and cultural volatility in modern-day France, specifically the low-income banlieues on Paris’s outskirts. Aimlessly passing their days in the concrete environs of their dead-end suburbia, Vinz (Vincent Cassel), Hubert (Hubert Koundé), and Saïd (Saïd Taghmaoui)—white, black, and Arab—give human faces to France’s immigrant and otherwise marginalized populations, their resentment at their situation simmering until it reaches a boiling point. A work of tough beauty, La haine is a landmark of contemporary French cinema and a gripping reflection of its country’s ongoing identity crisis.

Deep look at the life and career of the iconic horror actor Robert Englund. Lance Henriksen, Eli Roth, Tony Todd, 2022. 

Documentarians Manlio Gomarasca and Massimiliano Zanin reveal the story of Joe D’Amato’s remarkable life and career featuring an interview with the late filmmaker, new and archival insights from Michele Soavi, Luigi Montefiori, Eli Roth and more, plus explicit clips from dozens of D’Amato’s most infamous films. Also included is D’Amato’s sumptuously sexy 1986 period drama SCANDALOUS EMANUELLE.

Beautiful 4K remaster of the seminal 50s Cold War sci-fi about a young boy who witnesses an alien invasion and the takeover of all the grown-ups in his small town. 1953. 

Sam Raimi’s 1981 film THE EVIL DEAD is a horror masterpiece that has terrified audiences for over 40 years and spawned sequels, a remake, video games, toys and even a television series. The original film’s iconic special effects and make-up were created by Tom Sullivan, a Michigan artist and sculptor who became friends with Sam Raimi, star Bruce Campbell and producer Rob Tapert when they were in college. Ryan Meade’s INVALUABLE: THE TRUE STORY OF AN EPIC ARTIST is a feature length documentary about the life and art of Tom Sullivan and his involvement with the EVIL DEAD film series. Assembled with amazing archival Super 8mm film footage, Hi8, VHS, and vintage audio tapes and photographs, it’s a unique and sentimental portrait of a man who helped make one of the greatest horror franchises of all time. Also contains amazing behind-the-scenes footage, original location visits, all-new interviews with Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Josh Becker, Danny Hicks, Hal Delrich, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly and more!


’Other Men’s Careers’ – A bonus documentary about the life of filmmaker Josh Becker
Vintage Tom Sullivan “In the Spotlight” interview (1989)
Unedited interview with Tim Philo, cinematographer of THE EVIL DEAD
Extended interview segments with Josh Becker
Promotional Trailers
Ryan Meade short films: ‘Bong Fly’ & ‘Cosmos Locos’
‘Bong Fly’ Behind-the-Scenes featurette
Photo Gallery

A class of graduating high school seniors celebrate their last night together at the annual school lock-in. They never could have guessed that they’re about to encounter the legendary Coast to Coast Killer.

LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING tells the story of the Black queer origins of rock n’ roll, exploding the whitewashed canon of American pop music to reveal the innovator – the originator – Richard Penniman.

Featuring the talent of Little Richard, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, and Nile Rodgers

Meek flower shop assistant Seymour (Rick Moranis) pines for co-worker Audrey (Ellen Greene). During a total eclipse, he discovers an unusual plant he names Audrey II, which feeds only on human flesh and blood. The growing plant attracts a great deal of business for the previously struggling store. After Seymour feeds Audrey’s boyfriend, Orin (Steve Martin), to the plant after Orin’s accidental death, he must come up with more bodies for the increasingly bloodthirsty plant.

Here is the first ever authorized film about the legendary horror actor, Bela Lugosi, the man who portrayed Dracula, Hollywood’s most famous Vampire. Lugosi: The Curse of Dracula is a chilling story featuring footage from 20 of Lugosi’s biggest films, plus outtakes, clips, trailers, interviews and stills from his childhood days in Hungary, and his career on Broadway through the Hollywood era. Updated with newly released footage and re-mastered! Typecasting proved Lugosi’s real-life horror and he spent his years fighting for a chance to act on his own terms. His discouragement led to a series of low-budget films and a battle with drug dependence, leading to his eventual death, a broken man, in 1956. But, Lugosi’s legacy lives on and his films today are bigger than ever. You’ll get to see Creature Feature footage from Lugosi’s Biggest Hits including: Dracula, The Ape: Man; Human Monster; Ghost of Frankenstein; Murders In The Rue Morgue; and Plan 9 From Outer Space. Enjoy personal memories of Lugosi from his costars Ralph Bellamy, John Carradine, and Carroll Borland, as well as writer/producer, Alex Gordon. Plus, interviews with Sara Karloff, Bela G. Lugosi, Donnie Dunagan, Janet Anne Gallow, Terry Castle, Carla Laemmle, Louise Currie, Ann Jeffreys, Bob Burns and more. Lugosi The Curse of Dracula is a thorough account of Bela Lugosi’s fascinating life and times. Hosted by Forrest J. Ackerman the world’s leading authority on horror films and officially authorized by the Lugosi Family. Don’t miss it!

In 1960s China, a French diplomat falls in love with an opera singer but they are not at all who he thinks they are. Jeremy Irons, John Lone, David Cronenberg, 1993.

Gruesome stop-motion fever dream produced, written, directed, designed and largely animated by legendary visual effects maestro Phil Tippett off and on for roughly 30 years. Alex Cox, Niketa Roman, Satish Ratakonda, Phil Tippett, 2021. 

Someone is using the living dead to smuggle drugs into modern day Hong Kong and only policeman and Taoist master Lam Ching-ying can stop them! Wei Tung, 1990. 

After seeing off hopping corpses in Mr. Vampire, the great Lam Ching-ying (Enter the Dragon, Eastern Condors) faces a new supernatural challenge: someone is using the living dead to smuggle drugs into modern day Hong Kong and only Lam’s Officer Feng – policeman and Taoist master – can stop them, proving the power of traditional Chinese magic in the process!

Many movies come to mind when you hear the term “torture-porn”. Saw, Hostel, The Human Centipede. But, in France, they turned the extreme acts of inhumanity into more than just gore. Martyrs defined the genre known as New French Extremism amongst the likes of Irreversible and Inside. Pascal Laugier has said Martyrs is not about pain but about suffering. Martyrs doesn’t shy away from the brutality it confronts you with. Yet it gives dark meaning to the gore, that means what you feel will stick with you just as much as what you see. Lucie, a frail, frightened, adolescent girl flees an abandoned slaughterhouse. Her opaque skin suggests she has been missing for many months. She is found filthy, starved, and unresponsive. Something horrific has happened to her. But what? Flash-forward 15 years later when the quiet tranquillity of a home nestled in a sparsely populated French forest is interrupted by a knock at the door – it’s Lucie, embarking on a gory quest for revenge. Pascal Laugier’s 2008 sophomore feature garnered a notorious reputation after audience members attending the premiere at the Festival de Cannes were left wide-eyed and mouth agape. It’s reception so shocking, it was immediately threatened with censorship in it’s home country, with calls for the director to be imprisoned. MARTYRS is a brutally confronting and provocative example of the French New Extremity a work of dark brilliance and vile beauty. A genre-defining classic so profoundly traumatising, it transcends all constraints of your average horror film and dives into the murky depths of human degradation and suffering. Extras: NEW! Audio commentary by film historian Dr. Lindsay Hallam BFI at Home – Horror la Fran aise online panel with Anna Bogutskaya, Alexandra West and Dr. Lindsay Hallam Organic Chronicles: The Making of Martyrs Interview with director Pascal Laugier Make-up interview with Benoit Lestang New French Extremity trailer reel Stills Gallery International Poster Gallery Theatrical trailer Teaser trailer Easter Egg

A former Vietnam War lieutenant reforms his old team in order to help a revolutionary’s sister overthrow a ruthless dictator. Christopher Walken, Maria Conchita Alonso, Michael Ironside, James Glickenhaus, 1991.

Iconic horror based on Steven King’s novel, after a famous author is rescued from a car crash by a fan of his novels, he comes to realize that the care he is receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse. Rob Reiner (1990)

After a sexual encounter with a beautiful client, a teenage delivery boy finds himself being turned into a vampire. Robert Sean Leonard, LeeAnne Locken, Cheryl Pollak, Jimmy Huston, 1987. 

High school football star David has just won a four-year scholarship to the University of Oklahoma, and – with his parents away for the night – is planning to mark the occasion with a party for his buddies and girlfriend. But, as the evening’s festivities get underway at a local nightclub, two violent fugitives take refuge in the basement of David’s home. When the action moves over to David’s place, it quickly becomes clear that someone is intent on spoiling the celebration – as, one by one, the revelers get picked off and butchered in various gruesome ways. But are the stowaway crooks responsible for the carnage, or is this the work of someone even more unhinged?

A small-town police chief (Bill Paxton) concealing an explosive secret. A pair of ruthless drug dealers (coscreenwriter Billy Bob Thornton and Michael Beach) who leave a bloody trail in their wake as they make their way from Los Angeles to Arkansas. And an enigmatic woman (Cynda Williams) caught in the middle. The way these desperate lives converge becomes a masterclass in slow-burn tension thanks to the nuanced direction of Carl Franklin, whose haunting debut feature travels a crooked road across America’s most fraught divisions—urban and rural, Black and white—while imbuing noir conventions with a wrenching emotional depth.

• New 4K digital restoration, approved by director Carl Franklin, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack
• One 4K UHD disc of the film presented in Dolby Vision HDR and one Blu-ray with the film and special features
• Audio commentary from 1999 featuring Franklin
• New conversation between Franklin and cowriter-actor Billy Bob Thornton
• Trailer
• English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Legendary 80’s slasher gorefest available for the first time uncut! Paul L. Smith, Christopher George. Written by Joe D’Amato. Juan Piquer Simón, 1982. 

After Anna (Isabelle Adjani) reveals to her husband, Mark (Sam Neill), that she is having an affair, she leaves him and their son. Mark is devastated, and seeks out Heinrich (Heinz Bennent), the man who cuckolded him, only to receive a beating. After a series of violent confrontations between Mark and Anna, Mark hires a private investigator to follow her. Anna descends into madness, and it’s soon clear that she is hiding a much bigger secret — one that is both inexplicable and shocking.

In an abandoned house in Poughkeepsie, New York murder investigators uncover hundreds of tapes showing decades of a serial killer’s work. John Erick Dowdle (2007)

When the American Chicken Bunker, a military themed fast food restaurant, builds its latest chain restaurant on the site of an ancient Native American burial ground, the displaced spirits take revenge on unsuspecting diners and transform them into chicken zombies! Now, it’s up to a dimwitted counter boy, his collegiate lesbian ex-girlfriend and a burqa-wearing fry cook to put an end to the foul feathered menace once and for all.

In the vein of horror anthologies like Mario Bava’s BLACK SABBATH, the long-unseen PRAGUE NIGHTS is a gorgeous and supernatural vision of ancient and modern Prague, caught between Mod Sixties fashions and nightmarish Medieval catacombs, and filled with Qabbalistic magic, occult rituals, giant Golems, clockwork automatons and satanic visitors. • New video interview with Czech film critic and screenwriter Tereza Brdečková on her father, Jiří Brdečka (co-director and co-writer of PRAGUE NIGHTS), covering his famed career as a filmmaker, animator & screenwriter (approx. 45 minutes, in English).
• New audio commentary by Tereza Brdečková and Czech film expert Irena Kovarova of Comeback Company.
• Two superb and haunting Jiří Brdečka animated short films: “Pomsta” (Revenge) (1968, 14 min.), and “Jsouc na řece mlynář jeden” (There Was A Miller On A River) (1971, 11 min.). Both in Czech with English subtitles.
• New essay by Tereza Brdečková on the making of PRAGUE NIGHTS, translated by Jonathan Owen.
• Blu-ray authoring by David Mackenzie of Fidelity In Motion.

Avalon Bay, 1945: On the night of her graduation dance, young Rosemary and her date are brutally murdered by a prowler thought to be a jilted soldier home from the war. The killer was never found. Thirty years later, the dance is held again for the first 

First time on blu-ray! The petite and proper Yuki once led a peaceful, loving life with her kind parents until the day her family’s happiness was suddenly shattered by a gang of black-clad thugs. After the brutal gang beating, her father was left paralyzed and her mother murdered! The only one to escape physically intact was Yuki who has plunged into a deep depression and is consumed with rage. Fashioning herself into an elegant, parasol-twirling, goth-styled demon of vengeance, Yuki sets off to enact the ultimate payback for her father’s assault and her mother’s death! Outrageous, eye-popping special effects were created by the master of visceral visuals, Yoshiro Nishimura (The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police)!

A frustrated, angst-ridden teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother. Adam MacDonald (2017)

On her 60th birthday, the proud owner of a Los Angeles strip club, finds herself in hot water over a twenty-five year old debt to the mob, leading her on a downward spiral of violence and revenge through the underbelly of Los Angeles. Audio Commentary with Director Orson Oblowitz and Lead Actress Rosemary Hochschild
Outtakes of Readings by Legendary Author and Tattoo Artist Jonathan Shaw
Behind-the-Scenes Footage and Images
Deleted Scenes

At last, “can” and “must” meet on the graph, as the most demented, delirious, and delightful 3-D film of the Golden Age arrives in this showcase edition loaded with out-of-this-world extras. A cosmic catastrophe has wiped out humanity, and now the last six survivors must outwit that strangely iconic alien menace, Ro-Man (George Barrows). Taking orders from the pitiless Great Guidance, Ro-Man wavers in his pursuit of human annihilation when he falls in love with a girl (Claudia Barrett). Can dashing young Roy (George Nader) save her? Filmed in the Tru-Stereo process, Robot Monster boasts excellent 3-D that rivals big studio efforts of its day. CONTAINS OVER TWO HOURS OF BONUS FEATURES!

She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and then she was no more. Jazzman Danny Parkers wife was murdered, and Danny was powerless to prevent it. Now the heartbroken Danny is on the skids, lost among the derelict tweakers of L.A. Or is he? In Dannys world nothing — most of all Danny — is what it seems. Mystery runs deep in The Salton Sea. So does the talent behind this dreamlike thriller written by Tony Gayton (Murder by Numbers) and stylishly directed by D.J. Caruso. Val Kilmer is spellbinding as Danny, a man adrift in a sea of lowlifes (played by Vincent DOnofrio, Anthony La Paglia and many more) — yet hovering on the razors edge of a dangerous revenge.

Have you ever faced EVIL’

Tara and Meghan have. And now they’re fighting for their LIVES!

Deep in the forgotten backwoods, a feral cult of cannibal freaks are waiting. . .

. . .to hunt screaming victims. And feast on HUMAN FLESH.

Can Tara and Meghan survive’
Or will they PRAY FOR DEATH’

A stranger, Asta Cadell (Deborra-Lee Furness, Jindabyne) limps into an outback town on a crippled motorcycle. Trapped while she waits for repairs, Asta stays at the garage of Tim Curtis (Tony Barry, Australia).The outsider soon discovers that Tim’s young daughter Lizzie (Simone Buchanan, My Brilliant Career) is the latest victim of the local sport: gang rape. Some women are intimidated, others make excuses and the law looks the other way – but nothing ever changes.Attacked herself, Asta is drawn in to the struggle of the town’s women for safety and dignity. Emboldened by her, Lizzie lays charges and all hell breaks loose.The women rise up, but resistance is never that easy or that simple… ALL NEW INTERVIEW WITH STEVE JODRELL (DIRECTOR), MICHAEL BRINDLEY (CO-WRITER), BEVERLEY BLANKENSHIP (CO-WRITER), SIMONE BUCHANAN (LIZZIE), & PAUL BARRON (PRODUCER)
– AUDIO COMMENTARY with Steve Jodrell (Director), Simone Buchanan (Lizzie) & Michael Brindley (Co-writer).
– ABC TV – ARTSPACE Interview with Deborra-Lee Furness – 25 min
– Original archival theatrical trailer

Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley) arrives in Las Vegas with only a suitcase and a dream of becoming a top showgirl. She quickly befriends Molly (Gina Ravera), who works at the high-profile Stardust Hotel, and lands a job at a seedy strip club. A chance meeting with Cristal (Gina Gershon), the Stardust’s marquee dancer, and her powerful boyfriend, Zack (Kyle MacLachlan), brings Nomi one step closer to realizing her dream. But, as she ascends to the top, Nomi begins to wonder if it’s all worth it.

A rural community is dying in strange and gruesome ways, the health inspector coming to the terrifying conclusion that giant slugs are breeding in the sewers and feeding on the locals! Juan Piquer Simón (1988)

Andrei Tarkovsky’s final Soviet feature is a metaphysical journey through an enigmatic postapocalyptic landscape, and a rarefied cinematic experience like no other. A hired guide-the Stalker-leads a writer and a scientist into the heart of the Zone, the restricted site of a long-ago disaster, where the three men eventually zero in on the Room, a place rumored to fulfill one’s most deeply held desires. Adapting a science-fiction novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Tarkovsky created an immersive world with a wealth of material detail and a sense of organic atmosphere. A religious allegory, a reflection of contemporaneous political anxieties, a meditation on film itself-Stalker envelops the viewer by opening up a multitude of possible meanings.

A retired farmer and widower in his 70s, Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth) learns one day that his distant brother Lyle (Harry Dean Stanton) has suffered a stroke and may not recover. Alvin is determined to make things right with Lyle while he still can, but his brother lives in Wisconsin, while Alvin is stuck in Iowa with no car and no driver’s license. Then he hits on the idea of making the trip on his old lawnmower, thus beginning a picturesque and at times deeply spiritual odyssey.

Lee Geum-ja (Lee Young-ae) has spent the last 13 years in prison for a murder she didn’t commit. She’s fantasized about getting revenge on the various people who wronged her, including the police officer (Nam Il-u) who forced her to confess and a shady teacher (Choi Min-sik) with whom she has a checkered past. After her release, she teams up with a group of eccentric friends she made while behind bars and sets out to clear her name and find the daughter she was forced to leave behind.

Deborah Logan, a woman battling Alzheimer’s, allows a film crew to document her condition. As the days of filming progress, the crew notes strange behaviors and occurrences happening around Deborah inconsistent with Alzheimer’s -things that are dark and ominous. Whatever it is that’s within her is clearly trying to get out and it threatens to consume anyone who tries to stop it.

Two editions of the granddaddy film coming back in stalk. The STEELCASE and the FOUR DISC SET with THE SHOCKING TRUTH feature documentary.

William Petersen (Manhunter, TV’s CSI) and Willem Dafoe (Platoon, Mississippi Burning) face off in a deadly game of cat and mouse in this riveting action-thriller directed by cinema legend William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist, Sorcerer). Full of style and grit, this raw tale of corruption and revenge boasts one of the most harrowing car chases ever caught on film and a shockingly explosive ending. Federal agent Richard Chance (Petersen) has a score to settle, and he’s through playing by the rules. Whether that means blackmailing a beautiful parolee, disobeying direct orders or hurtling the wrong way down a crowded freeway, he vows to take down a murderous counterfeiter (Dafoe) by any means necessary. But as the stakes grow higher, will Chance’s dark obsession with vengeance destroy him? The ultimate ’80s neo-noir, To Live and Die in L.A. features John Pankow, Debra Feuer, John Turturro, Darlanne Fluegel and Dean Stockwell, with cinematography by Robby Müller (Paris, Texas) that captures the City of Angels from the trendy elegance of Rodeo Drive to the seedy, neon glow of Hollywood.

Special Features:
• Brand New HD Master – From a 4K Scan of the Original Camera Negative
• Audio Commentary by Director William Friedkin
• TAKING A CHANCE: Interview with Actor William Petersen (20:41)
• RENAISSANCE WOMAN IN L.A.: Interview with Actress Debra Feuer (14:55)
• DOCTOR FOR A DAY: Interview with Actor Dwier Brown (8:52)
• SO IN PHASE – SCORING TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A.: Interview with Composers Wang Chung (12:43)
• WRONG WAY – THE STUNTS OF TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A.: Interview with Stunt Coordinator Buddy Joe Hooker (35:38)
• Deleted Scene and Alternate Ending with Introductions (13:06)
• Radio Spot
• Theatrical Trailer
• 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Lossless Audio
• Dual-Layered BD50 Disc
• Optional English Subtitles

Mr Twister is a talking monster truck with a mind of it’s own. When three bumbling crooks try to get their hands on the computerized control system things get wild.

A must for fans of cinéma de ridiculousness – classic ’90s martial arts butt-kicking from the undisputed and undefeatable queen of the genre Cynthia Rothrock! Godfrey Ho, 1993. 

Every Video Nasty critiqued and explored, followed by the original trailers, for the first time ever on DVD in America! Prepare to be corrupted and depraved once more with this definitive guide to the Video Nasties phenomenon – one of the most extraordinary and scandalous eras in the history of British film. For the first time ever on DVD, TRAILERS to all 72 films that fell foul of the Director of Public Prosecutions are featured with specially filmed intros for each title in a lavish three-disc collector’s edition box-set, alongside a brand new documentary – VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE. Disc One, The era-defining and critically acclaimed documentary VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE directed by Jake (Doghouse) West and produced by Marc Morris features interviews with filmmakers Neil Marshall (The Descent, Doomsday), Christopher Smith (Severance, Black Death) and MP Graham Bright as well as rare archive footage featuring James Ferman (director of the BBFC 1975-1999) & Mary Whitehouse. Taking in the explosion of home video, the erosion of civil liberties, the introduction of draconian censorship measures, hysterical press campaigns and the birth of many careers born in blood and videotape, West’s documentary also reflects on the influence this peculiar era still exerts on us today. Disc Two presents the 39 titles that were successfully prosecuted in UK courts and deemed liable to deprave and corrupt. These included: Absurd, Cannibal Holocaust, The Driller Killer, I Spit on Your Grave, Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, Snuff, and Zombie Flesh-Eaters. Disc Three presents the 33 titles that were initially banned, but then subsequently acquitted and removed from the DPP’s list. These included: Death Trap, Deep River Savages, The Evil Dead, Human Experiments, The Toolbox Murders and Zombie Creeping Flesh. Discs 2 and 3 can be viewed either as a non-stop trailer show, or with newly-filmed introductions from a wide range of acclaimed media academics and notable genre journalists. Each disc is preceded by a brief introduction by cult horror presenter Emily Booth.

Now two are left: Susy, recently blinded and still learning how to live in a sighted world, and Roat, a psychopathic killer. Roat wants a heroin-stuffed doll he thinks Susy has. All Susy wants is to survive. Dim the lights, check the doors chain lock, and brace yourself for a chiller as polished as the steel of Roats blade. Audrey Hepburn earned her fifth Academy Award nomination as Susy. Alan Arkin is pure evil as Roat, master of disguise and accents. Jack Weston and Richard Crenna costar as his henchmen. Building to a heart-pounding one-on-one confrontation, Wait Until Dark belongs to the screens most memorable thrillers (David Shipman, The Story of Cinema).

Beginning in the late 60s, and lasting through the end of Franco’s iron-fisted rule, genre filmmakers working in Spain began using the horror genre to astutely comment on issues of class, religion, governance and the horrors of day-to-day life. Collected here are a trio of unique and unsettling tales of distinctly Spanish horror, all of which are making their English-friendly Blu-ray debuts, sourced from new 4K restorations exclusively prepared by Vinegar Syndrome!

EL BOSQUE DEL LOBO (The Forest of the Wolf)
The first in a series of dark folk horrors directed by multi Goya Award-winning auteur Pedro Olea, EL BOSQUE DEL LOBO (The Forest of the Wolf) tells the story of Benito Freire, an impoverished peddler and frequent petty thief who may – or may not – be a werewolf. Nevertheless, he is often overcome by animalistic instincts to kill, resulting in superstition and panic in the nearby villages.

A cold and unsettling study of a serial killer set against a backdrop of religious conservatism in 19th century rural Spain, Olea’s masterpiece of dread was barely seen outside its native Spain and has been newly and exclusively restored in 4K from its original negative!

LAS FLORES DEL VICIO (The Sky is Falling)
A group of spoiled, middle-aged Americans living on the outskirts of a poor coastal community are visited by a mysterious foursome of “beautiful” youths, who seem to have been sent to fulfill their darkest desires. But it quickly becomes apparent that these sensual and attractive youngsters have a far more sinister, and deadly purpose…

An incredibly colorful, oftentimes surreal, and darkly humorous morality fable decrying the perverse excesses indulged in by the rich, LAS FLORES DEL VICIO (The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling) was the sole Spanish production directed by Canadian-born British filmmaker Silvio Narizzano (Georgy Girl, Redneck). Starring Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider) and Carroll Baker (Paranoia, Bad), this would-be cult hit has remained shamefully unavailable on Blu-ray until now!

While walking through the woods, young Juan witnesses a group of bandits attempting to rob and kill a friar, only for the priest to end up slaying several of his attackers. Seeking refuge in Juan’s family home, where he lives with his mother and sister, Beatriz, the Friar becomes an object of both lust and fear for the members of the household after a mysterious illness befalls Beatriz, as suspicion mounts that he might be an agent of Satan…

Jerry Kaminski is a normal guy with normal desires, but he gets into more than the normal amount of trouble. After keeping his date Christy out too late one night, her parents send her off to Catholic school! Jerry isn’t one to shy away from a challenge, so he impersonates a priest to get into Virgin High and back into Christy’s good graces (and maybe more)! Then, when a hypnosis scheme goes awry, Jerry finds that he’s not the only one Hot Under the Collar at the Convent of the Blessed Virgin. In a nun disguise, Jerry chases his hypnotized honey to save her from a life of celibacy, but first he has to deal with a crime syndicate’s missing jewels.

After directing his popular shot-on-video Assault of the Party Nerds, Richard Gabai returned to sex comedies with the backing of the legendary Menahem Golan, this time on film! These charming, sexy romps feature cult favorites Linnea Quigley (Nightmare Sisters, Thrust), Melinda Clarke (“The O.C.”, Return of the Living Dead 3), Burt Ward (“Batman”), Michelle Bauer (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, The Flesh Merchant), Daniel Friedman (Slashdance), and more. You’re going to need an extra trip to the confessional after watching these!

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