Halloween might be over but here at the old videostore we keep on trucking with fine cinema to bring in. Well fine and trashy side by side..let’s be honest here. Anyways, lots of fun stuff hits the shelves this week and I wanna tell you all about it so here we go…

Takashi Miike’s excellent, and exceedingly violent, remake of 1966 Japanese classic about a group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord. Koji Yakusho,


Back In Stock! Both Films. Ambitious horror anthology film featuring 26 directors from 15 countries each creating small stories involving death. Ti West, Nacho Vigalondo, Xavier Gens,

Gothic horror from the UK set in a prewar 1938, about a vicar and the “fallen” woman he married & her daughter move into a parish estate haunted by vicious revenants of all kinds. Jessica Brown-Findlay, John Heffernan, Christopher Smith, 2020. 

Brothers Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb find early fame in the 1960s and go on to write over 1,000 songs, including 20 No. 1 hits. This film follows the group’s meteoric rise as they navigate the complexities of working so intimately alongside family.

Back In Stock! Strange and oppressive Canadian sci-fi film about a woman held captive & her mind controlled by an evil scientist. Featuring a hypnotic analog synthesizer score by Jeremy Schmidt of Sinoia Caves and Black Mountain. 2010.  

Remake of the 1958 sci-fi horror classic about a deadly blob from another planet which consumes everything in its path. Teenagers attempt without success to warn the townspeople, who refuse to take them seriously. Chuck Russell (1988) 

Two cannibalistic brothers kill various young women to use their flesh as part of a new special dish at their run-down restaurant, while also committing blood sacrifices to awaken a dormant Egyptian goddess.

Stoker and Shelley’s film adaptions in one double feature Blu Ray.

For decades, the housing projects of Chicago’s Cabrini-Green were terrorized by a ghost story about a supernatural, hook-handed killer. In present day, an artist begins to explore the macabre history of Candyman, not knowing it would unravel his sanity and unleash a terrifying wave of violence that puts him on a collision course with destiny.

Starring Malcolm McDowell, robots who have been programmed to teach and discipline students in a violence-prone school turn homicidal, and the students must fight back to save their lives. Mark L. Lester (1990) 

Brazilian horror icon Coffin Joe’s unholy quest to find the perfect bride. Director: José Mojica Marins. AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL (1964), THIS NIGHT I’LL POSSESS YOUR CORPSE (1967), EMBODIMENT OF EVIL (2008)  

A teenage runaway takes part in a sleep study that becomes a nightmarish descent into the depths of her mind and a frightening examination of the power of dreams. Julia Sarah Stone, Landon Liboiron, Carlee Ryski, Anthony Scott Burns, 2020.  

In this New Zealand horror, a school teacher is forced to confront a brutal act from his past when a pair of ruthless drifters takes him and his family on a nightmare road-trip. James Ashcroft, 2021. 

The fictional Creepshow comic books come to life in this anthology series of terrifying tales hosted by the silent Creepshow ghoul. TV Series (2019)  

The cult classic Canadian trilogy back in stock!

An Australian government ranger (John Jarratt) and two Aborigines hunt a legendary 25-foot crocodile.

John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) awakens alone in a strange hotel to find that he is wanted for a series of brutal murders. The problem is that he can’t remember whether he committed the murders or not. For one brief moment, he is convinced that he has gone completely mad. Murdoch seeks to unravel the twisted riddle of his identity. As he edges closer to solving the mystery, he stumbles upon a fiendish underworld controlled by a group of ominous beings collectively known as the Strangers.

A single mother moves into a dilapidated apartment complex and experiences startling visions and sounds, calling her mental well-being into question, and endangering not only her custody of her child, but perhaps their lives as well. Hideo Nakata (2002)  

A small group of military officers and scientists dwell in an underground bunker as the world above is overrun by zombies. George A. Romero, 1985.  

The chilling story of identical twin gynecologists who share the same practice, same apartment and the same women. When a new patient challenges their eerie bond, they descend into a whirlpool of sexual confusion, drugs and madness. Jeremy Irons.  

Back In Stock! Great Stallone Triple feature on Blu Ray!

A disillusioned advertising executive is lured by a decadent Count into a bizarre plot to kill each other’s unsavoury relatives. Tomas Milian, Pierre Clémenti, Katia Christine, Maurizio Lucidi, 1971. 

Cult grim & gorey slasher from the early 80’s featured in a beautifully restored print. Laurie Lapinski, Daphne Zuniga, Jeffrey Obrow, 1982.  

George C. Scott stars in this return to the terrifying saga of demonic possession as s police lieutenant in spiritual crisis tracks a rash of murders seeming to copycat a long dead serial killer. William Peter Blatty (1990)  

A coroner (Dr. Francis B. Gröss) shows scenes of gruesome deaths from around the world both real and re-enacted.

After witnessing the execution of serial killer Edgar Reese (Elias Koteas), whom he arrested, police detective John Hobbes (Denzel Washington), and his partner, Jonesy (John Goodman), are soon investigating another murderer whose mode of operation is eerily similar to Reese’s. In the course of the investigation, Hobbes meets theology professor Gretta Milano (Embeth Davidtz), who introduces him to the world of the occult and the possibility that an evil spirit is behind the killings.

Frank Henenlotter’s beloved cult horror comedy. James Lorinz, Joanne Ritchie, 1990. 

Maverick writer/director Ralph Bakshi made his feature-length film debut with this audacious foray into adult-content animation, creating one of the most successful animated features of its time! 1972.  

4K restoration of the under rated & weird third sequel in the beloved franchise.  

Hoping for heaven but finding an urban hell, a homeless man (Rutger Hauer) takes aim at a crime boss and the man’s sadistic sons (Gregory Smith, Nick Bateman)

Sex filled Spanish post-apocalyptic insanity about 2 men, 1 woman and a German shepherd who wander the landscape, trying to survive and finding love in the all the wrong places. Eligio Herrero, 1983.  

A demented prison doctor performs gruesome shock therapy experiments on inmates. Linda Haynes, Geoffrey Lewis, Ellen Travolta, 1979.  

Back In Stock! A teenager must confront her worst fears in increasingly dangerous ways when horrible giants threaten to destroy her small town.

On a dark road, taxi driver Kyung-chul (Choi Min-sik) comes across a scared female motorist stranded in a broken-down vehicle. He pulls over — but not to help her. When the woman’s head is discovered in a local river, her devastated fiancé, Kim Soo-hyeon (Lee Byung-hun), a trained secret agent, becomes obsessed with hunting down her killer. Once he finds Kyung-chul, things get twisted. After brutally beating the murderer, Kim lets him go free, and a demented game of cat and mouse begins.

After a single mother witnesses terrifying symptoms of demonic possession in her 11-year-old son (David Mazouz), a Vatican representative calls on wheelchair-bound scientist Dr. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) to rid him of the evil spirit. Driven by a personal agenda rooted in his own tragic past, Ember enters the boy’s unconscious mind where he confronts a demon as ferocious as it is ingenious.

Stomach-churning hunt-and-kill cult horror about a slasher on the loose in a supermarket. Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Scott Spiegel, 1989.  

Spanish psycho-thriller rarity about a decadent and fully mad plantation owner who enjoys running down women and having his dogs tear them to shreds. David Hemmings, Alida Valli, Francisco Rabal, José María Forqué, 1974.  

A Scotland Yard police inspector, battling the booze, investigates the Jack the Ripper murders and discovers a conspiracy that leads all the way up to the Queen.

Youth boxing champion, Jimmy McCabe, long past his prime, returns to his childhood boxing club. Enlisting the help of the only family he has left, the gym owner, corner man and promoter, he seeks to turn his life around and stand tall once more.

Starring Christian Slater, Milla Jovovich, A down on his luck young man seeks help from his brother, who he watches being murdered. The police abandon the case, and so he hunts down the killer for revenge. Bruce A. Evans (1992)  

Sword and sorcery epic based on Conan creator Robert E. Howard’s Atlantean barbarian Kull. Kevin Sorbo, Tia Carrere, Thomas Ian Griffith, 1997. 

With the help of a talking freeway billboard, a “wacky weatherman” tries to win the heart of an English newspaper reporter, who is struggling to make sense of the strange world of early-90s Los Angeles. Steve Martin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Richard E. Grant 

Atmospheric horror mockumentary from Australia about the ghost of a woman who mysteriously died. Joel Anderson, 2008. 

All 4 Lethal Weapon Flicks in one sweet Blu Ray Set. Sadly Part 5 and 6 not included

For those of you who thought that A Serbian Film was all sizzle and no steak here’s a truly harrowing depiction of Serbia in the grips of a massive culture & moral decline. Mladen Djordjevic, 2010.  

Labyrinthine psycho sexual Italian thriller where frustrated wife Carol Hammond is having bizarre, erotic dreams about her neighbour Julia. When Julia winds up dead, Carol is the prime suspect. Lucio Fulci (1973)  

A modern-day witch uses spells and magic to get men to fall in love with her, in a tribute to 1960s pulp novels and Technicolor melodramas. Anna Biller (2016)  

From the director of the insane Burial Ground, a horror about a murderous cult that kidnaps French prostitutes and tortures them to death to “purify” them of their evil ways! Bo Svenson, Chuck Connors, Andrea Bianchi, 1987.  

In this low budget found footage horror, two teenage girls encounter an Internet child predator. Michael Goi, 2011. 

Comedy-horror about a loser who shows up at a Bohemian Halloween party, only to find out that he’s to be sacrificed at the party in the name of art. Jeremy Saulnier, 2007.  

American professor John Holden arrives in London for a parapsychology conference, only to find himself investigating the mysterious actions of Devil-worshipper Julian Karswell. Jacques Tourneur (1957)  

Grim, expressionistic classic about a sinister preacher who’s nefarious motives are uncovered by a pair of children. Robert Mitchum, Charles Laughton, 1955. 

All three Tony Jaa’s cult classics in one Blu Ray Set!

Beloved adaptation of the S.E. Hinton YA novel about the rivalry of 2 gangs that culminates in an murder. Includes the Complete Novel & the theatrical version on 4K Ultra HD. Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillion, Tom Cruise, Francis Ford Coppola, 1983.  

Animated mini-series about two brothers who find themselves lost in a mysterious land and try to find their way home. lijah Wood, Collin Dean, Melanie Lynskey, Patrick McHale, 2014.  

A ruthless crook, Walker (Lee Marvin), is betrayed by his partner, Mal Reese (John Vernon), who leaves him for dead on Alcatraz Island. Having survived, Walker returns years later to get revenge. He gets his first lead when a mysterious man (Keenan Wynn) tells him that Reese is now part of a vast criminal organization and dating Walker’s wife’s sister, Chris (Angie Dickinson). But after contacting Chris, Walker discovers that in truth she loathes Reese and is willing to help him get justice.

After Anna (Isabelle Adjani) reveals to her husband, Mark (Sam Neill), that she is having an affair, she leaves him and their son. Mark is devastated, and seeks out Heinrich (Heinz Bennent), the man who cuckolded him, only to receive a beating. After a series of violent confrontations between Mark and Anna, Mark hires a private investigator to follow her. Anna descends into madness, and it’s soon clear that she is hiding a much bigger secret — one that is both inexplicable and shocking.

New York police officer Daniel Ciello (Treat Williams) is not a perfect cop. When Rick Cappalino (Norman Parker) from the U.S. Justice Department approaches him with a personal request to investigate police corruption, Ciello agrees — provided he is not forced to turn in his fellow crooked cops. But as he delves deeper into the underbelly of drug crime, he realizes that it may be impossible to keep his promises. He will have to bring his friends down, or he’ll end up going down himself.

A young boy named Pietari (Onni Tommila) and his friend Juuso (Ilmari Järvenpää) think a secret mountain drilling project near their home in northern Finland has uncovered the tomb of Santa Claus. However, this a monstrous, evil Santa, much unlike the cheery St. Nick of legend. When Pietari’s father (Jorma Tommila) captures a feral old man (Peeter Jakobi) in his wolf trap, the man may hold the key to why reindeer are being slaughtered and children are disappearing.

Pseudo sequel to Stuart Gordon’s cult favourite From Beyond follows the son of Jeffrey Combs’s character as he rebuilds his dimension spanning machine. William Butler, 2021.  

Teenage lesbians (Asta Paredes, Catherine Corcoran) battle mutant classmates at Tromaville High School.

All three RINGU flicks return to the shop!

A sweet mother takes a little too much at heart for the defense of her family. Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake, John Waters, 1994.  

An orphan raised by nuns (Lilyan Chauvin, Gilmer McCormick) grows up to be a killer toy-store Santa Claus.

A mother-and-son team of strange supernatural creatures move to a small town to seek out a young virgin to feed on. Mick Garris (1992)  

When their plans for a nature trip go awry, Polly Watt (Jill Wagner) and boyfriend Seth Belzer (Paulo Costanzo) decide to check into a motel. On their way, they’re carjacked and kidnapped by low-rent crooks Dennis Farell (Shea Whigham) and Lacey Belisle (Rachel Krebs), who take the victims and their SUV to a nearby gas station. Along the way, they encounter an increasingly terrifying horde of parasites, and if any of them intend to survive, they’ll have to outsmart the deadly organisms.

Legendary cult film cobbled together from the work by two separate groups of filmmakers working on the same set with two totally different casts. Utterly unique and incompetent! 1986.  

Blue-collar family man Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) scoffs at supernatural phenomena — until he lets his wife’s sister, Lisa (Illeana Douglas), put him into a hypnotic trance. Upon waking, Tom realizes he has a psychic connection with his son, Jake (Zachary David Cope). He also has alarming hallucinations of a missing teenage neighbor named Samantha (Jennifer Morrison). Tom, convinced his visions will lead him to the girl, begins a desperate search that puts him into a life-threatening situation.

Subversive cult classic horror-comedy about a toxic booze that melts anyone who drinks it! J. Michael Muro, 1987.  

French drama about a struggling university student who turns to prostitution to pay for school. Mathieu Demy, Déborah François, Emmanuelle Bercot, 2010. 

Sweet Import Blu Ray of a couple 50s cult classics!

Back In Stock! Steelcase Edition Of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 masterpiece

Back In Stock! Two scruffy pals’ (Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk) backwoods vacation takes a bloody turn when ignorant college students mistake them for a pair of murderous hillbillies.

Fun Norwegian horror about a group of students investigating a series of mysterious killings blamed on bears begin to follow a mysterious hunter who claims to be a troll hunter. 2010.

Back In Stock and still the best of the series…As they search for clues to the whereabouts of a missing student, a couple view the ghastly stories recorded on a collection of videotapes.

A wealthy sounds expert must prove his innocence as local house wives are brutally murdered, but what his wife discovers will throw everything they know into question. Donald Cammell, 1987 

In this immigration allegory / horror thriller, the modern-day United States is caught up in fear-based hysteria about witches and a mother & daughter must find asylum in Mexico. Gideon Adlon, Abigail Cowen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Elle Callahan, 2021. 

And there we go guys..this week’s new arrivals. Hopefully something interesting has captured your eyes. See ya soon and remember…the videostore loves ya. Cheers!