Another Week and More Cinema To Enlighten Your Movie Minds…

The year keeps on rolling and so do the fine movies of physical cinema. Another batch of classics, reissues, new stuff, and forgotten gems comes hitting the dusty shelves later in the week. Here are those titles….


A bloody black comedy involving grisly medical malfeasance when a shady nurse’s sideline in illicit organ harvesting going seriously awry. Brea Grant, 2020. 

Back in Stock! The adventures of Ash and those pesky deadites over three full seasons.

South London teenagers (John Boyega, Alex Esmail, Leeon Jones) defend their neighborhood from malevolent extraterrestrials.

The world’s greatest pinup model and cult icon, Bettie Page, recounts the true story of how her free expression overcame government witch-hunts to help launch America’s sexual revolution. 2012.  

Russ Meyer’s ridiculously debauched & psychedelic big-studio midnight movie from a script by Roger Ebert

Kurt Russell stars as Jack Burton, a tough-talking truck driver whose life goes into a supernatural tailspin when his best friend’s fiancée is kidnapped. John Carpenter (1986)  

Very loosely based on the Japanese film Zatoichi Challenged, in this film Rutger Hauer stars as a blind Vietnam Vet / sword master to rescue the son of fellow soldier. Terry O’Quinn, Brandon Call, Phillip Noyce, 1989. 

Seven girls must spend the night in an old house, which once was a brothel, as part of an initiation. Roberta Findlay, 1987.

A boy communicates telepathically with his dog as they scavenge for food and sex, and they stumble into an underground society of cannibals. Don Johnson, Jason Robards, L.Q. Jones, Written by Harlan Ellison, 1975. 

Ah yes…the three sequels that followed the original DEATH WISH including the hot garbage masterpiece that is DEATH WISH 3.

Frank Darabont directs this TV movie about a man, who seemingly dead, awakes in his own grave and rises to get his revenge on his cheating wife who killed him. Tim Matheson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hoyt Axton, 1990.  

Seriously deviant German splatter horror about a serial killer & a country priest on a rape and murder spree leading to a disturbingly explicit descent into Hell. Not for the faint of heart. Olaf Ittenbach, 1997.  

When attorney Sam Bowden (Nick Nolte) knowingly withholds evidence that would acquit violent sex offender Max Cady (Robert De Niro) of rape charges, Max spends 14 years in prison. But after Max’s release, knowing about Sam’s deceit, he devotes his life to stalking and destroying the Bowden family. When practical attempts to stop Max fail, Sam realizes that he must act outside the law to protect his wife and daughter in Martin Scorsese’s remake of the classic 1962 thriller.

A man is haunted by a mysterious children’s television program from the 1980’s, which no one remembers. He grows suspicious of the role it played in the nightmarish events of his childhood, including the disappearance of his twin brother. TV Series (2016)  

Half-Apache Pardon Chato (Charles Bronson) finds himself in a bar fight with a bigoted sheriff and kills the man to save his own life. The locals won’t accept this defense, though, and angry Civil War veteran Quincey Whitmore (Jack Palance) rounds up a gang of toughs to track down Chato, who is forced to flee the scene. But when the posse finds Chato’s family and brutalizes them, the escapee decides it’s time to stop running and start taking revenge on the lynch mob.

French horror. Dancers gather in a remote, empty school building to rehearse on a wintry night. The all-night celebration morphs into a hallucinatory nightmare when they learn their sangria is laced with LSD. Gaspar Noé (2018) 

A loving father dons a clown outfit and makeup to perform at his son’s sixth birthday, only to later discover that the costume – red nose and wig included– will not come off, his own personality changing in horrific fashion. Jon Watts (2016)  

Dylan McDermott stars in this chilling portrait of all-American evil. A picture-perfect family is shattered when the work of a serial killer hits too close to home. Duncan Skiles (2018)  

First two seasons of Cobra Kai back in stock.

After finding an old rifle, a young boy joins the Soviet resistance movement against ruthless German forces and experiences the horrors of World War II. Elem Klimov, 1985.  

Tom Laughlin directs and stars as the iconic justice fighter Billy Jack in this collection of all 4 titles! BORN LOSERS (1967), BILLY JACK (1971), THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK (1974), BILLY JACK GOES TO WASHINGTON (1977) 

After a bizarre incident, Frank Harris (Brad Pitt) is transported into the cartoon realm of Cool World, where he remains the only human among various animated characters for years. Eventually, artist Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne) also enters Cool World and sets his lustful sights on his own creation, a blond bombshell named Holli Would (Kim Basinger). However, excessive intermingling between cartoons and humans is said to lead to dire consequences, a risk Jack seems ready to take.

Bruno Mattei’s ridiculous late era Jaws rip-off, features a great white shark bred by the Navy as the ultimate killing machine and used by the Mafia to clear a town for a sleazy real estate deal. David Luther, George Barnes Jr., Scott Silveria, 1995.  

Without remembering how they got there, several strangers awaken in a prison of cubic cells, some of them booby-trapped. There’s onetime cop Quentin (Maurice Dean Wint), scientist Holloway (Nicky Guadagni), young math genius Leaven (Nicole de Boer), master of escapes Rennes (Wayne Robson), autistic savant Kazan (Andrew Miller) and architect Worth (David Hewlett), who might have more information on the maze than he lets on. The prisoners must use their combined skills if they are to escape.

Silas Crow (Ryan Rajendra Black) and Frank Fencepost (Adam Beach), aimless young men living on the Kidabanesee Reserve in Canada, spend their days hanging out with their girlfriends, Sadie (Jennifer Podemski) and Poppy (Sandrine Holt). When the friends find the murdered body of a woman they know, her white killer (Hugh Dillon) receives only a two-year sentence. While considering going away to school in Toronto, the buddies plot revenge with their recently paroled buddy, Gooch (Michael Greyeyes).

Cardiac Arrest / Day of the Animals / Grim / Tunnels / Dead Hate the Living / Don’t Go in the House / Deadly Instincts / With Friends Like These / You’re Driving Me Crazy / Shrunken Heads  

From indie horror maestro Justin Russell, a pair of high school grads travel an island where they slowly discover is the home to a large group of masked killers who enjoy slicing up the tourists. Lisa Krenisky, Jenna Fournier, Ray Goodwin, 2009.  

In this black comedy of middle-aged masculinity gone awry, a man’s obsession with his designer deerskin jacket causes him to blow his life savings and turn to crime. Quentin Dupieux, 2019.  

Twin archaeologists (Mark Damon) seek the Ring of the Nibelung at a castle in Transylvania and find a vampire countess (Rosalba Neri).

Dennis Quaid, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer star where a young psychic recruited by a government agency experimenting with dream-sharing technology is given the task of planting an idea in the mind of the U.S. president. Joseph Ruben (1984)  

Chicago policeman Terry McCain (Thomas Ian Griffith) is determined to put away mobster Sal DiMarco (Burt Young), who always gets acquitted on technicalities. While monitoring a drug sale, a shootout ensues, and one of Terry’s fellow officers gets away with $3 million of Sal’s money. Suspecting Terry took the cash, the mobster sends his men to kill Terry’s brother, Dylan (Tom Hodges), and partner, Frankie Hawkins (Tony Todd). Furious, Terry sets out to take his revenge by any means necessary.

Set hundreds of years in the future, after mankind has colonized the solar system. A hardened detective and a rogue ship’s captain come together for what starts as a missing young woman and evolves into a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.

In 1975, a group of five men are driving home after working in a forest when they see a mysterious light. Intrigued, Travis Walton (D.B. Sweeney) leaves the truck — only to be sucked up by a flying saucer. The other four men report the strange event, but they are skeptically interrogated by Lt. Frank Watters (James Garner), who suspects that murder is behind Walton’s disappearance. When Walton reappears five days later, his story of alien abduction is met with disbelief.

Harrowingly realistic Korean thriller depicts what might happen during a deadly H5N1 outbreak. Sung-su Kim, 2013.  

A teenager discovers that the newcomer in his neighborhood is a vampire, so he turns to an actor in a television horror show for help dealing with the undead. Tom Holland (1985)  

Solid Chevy Chase double feature on Blu Ray!


After laying dormant for fifteen years, Gamera was rebooted for the big screen in a smash hit trilogy masterminded by director Shusuke Kaneko. Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) / Gamera 2: Attack of Legion (1996) / Gamera the Brave

A nostalgic look at the once a vibrant part of North American culture, the drive-in-movie theatre.  

Four ex-convicts travel to Rome and plan to kidnap the Pope to earn a huge payout.

An escaped killer stalks Steven (Jeremy Ivy) and his girlfriend (Sherri Eakin) on a haunted hay ride.

The end of one journey only marks the beginning of another as Detective Loomis returns to uncover the truth behind the Legend of Pitchfork.

Kirsty is brought to an institution after the death of her family, where the occult-obsessive head resurrects Julia and unleashes the Cenobites once again. Tony Randel (1988)  

An FBI agent (Kyle MacLachlan) and a homicide detective (Michael Nouri) hunt the current human host of an orally exchanged alien life-form.

Starring Seth Green. A teenage slacker’s right hand becomes possessed with murderous intent. Rodman Flender (1999) 

Before he can graduate, cocky high school student Michael Corben (Richard Grieco) travels to France on a school trip to earn a missing French credit. But when a British intelligence agent mistakes Michael for a spy of the same name, they rush him to headquarters and assign him to capture the evil Augustus Steranko (Roger Rees), using a plethora of espionage gadgetry. Michael has the time of his life — until he crosses paths with two assassins (Tom Rack, Carole Davis) who want him dead.

A woman’s (Monica Bellucci) lover (Vincent Cassel) and her former boyfriend (Albert Dupontel) take justice into their own hands after she becomes the victim of a rapist.

From cult director Nico Mastorakis, a travelogue of atrocities with scenes so strong that the British Government was once compelled to ban it as a “video nasty”. Fully uncut and newly-restored from the original negative! 

Nicolas Cage & Tony Jaa star in this martial arts fantasy film that is totally not rip off of the movie Predator. Dimitri Logothetis, 2020.  

John Carpenter’s neo-western action horror about a team of vampire hunters hunting a powerful vampire from gaining a sacred religious relic. James Woods, Daniel Baldwin, Sheryl Lee, Maximilian Schell, 1998. 

Chan-wook Park’s gritty action drama an accidental shooting on the border between North & South Korea. Lee Yeong-ae, Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho, Shin Ha-kyun, 2013.  

French thriller, Paris, summer 1979. Anne is a producer of gay porn at discount. When Loïs, her editor and companion, leaves her, she attempts to reclaim her by turning a film more ambitious with the flamboyant Archibald. Yann Gonzalez (2018)  

Includes: Like Father Like Son (1987 – Dudley Moore, Kirk Cameron) / Vice Versa (1988 – Judge Reinhold, Fred Savage). 

Starring Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette. After a bizarre encounter at a party, a jazz saxophonist is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison, where he inexplicably morphs into a young mechanic and begins leading a new life. David Lynch (1997 ) 

Angelique (Caitlin Wachs) is taken to an abortion clinic to end her pregnancy, the product of a demonic rape. However, her father, Dwayne (Ron Perlman) who is against abortion, and three brothers set out to ensure that the baby lives, after the father is given messages from God telling him to save the baby.

Starring Emilio Estevez, a group of people try to survive when machines start to come alive and become homicidal. Stephen King (1986)  

Iconic horror based on Steven King’s novel, after a famous author is rescued from a car crash by a fan of his novels, he comes to realize that the care he is receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse. Rob Reiner (1990)  

Cult homage to the Universal monster matinees of the 1940s. Duncan Regehr, Tom Noonan, Fred Dekker, 1987. 

Learn the origins of Horror’s greatest legends in this bundle with 2 documentary series – Monsters Among Us, Chasing Bigfoot – plus 7 films inspired by the legends and bring terror to the night!  

Starring Michael Keaton, after he’s laid off, a husband switches roles with his wife. She returns to the workforce and he becomes a stay-at-home dad – a job he has no clue how to do. Stan Dragoti (1983)

After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesiac, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality. Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, David Lynch.

Fun cult film about a pair of Valley Girls who survive the apocalypse and must defend themselves against zombies while they go shopping. Mary Woronov, Catherine Mary Stewart, Robert Beltran, Kelli Maroney, 1984. 

Fraternity pledges (Jason Lively, Steve Marshall) pull a prank with a frozen body and let sluglike creatures loose on campus.

It follows deeply Catholic clairvoyant, Vanessa Ives (played to absolute perfection by Eva Green), retired colonial-African explorer, Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton), and American sharpshooter Ethan Chandler (played by Josh Hartnett) in a supernatural mystery

Two adults and a juvenile burglar break into a house occupied by a brother and sister and their stolen mutant children and can’t escape. Then things get worse. Brandon Quintin Adams, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, 1991. 

When flesh-eating piranhas are accidentally released into a summer resort’s rivers, the guests become their next meal. Directed by Joe Dante and written by John Sayles. Barbara Steele, Kevin McCarthy, 1978.

Beloved cult horror about a group of teens who inadvertently kill the child of a backwoods witch who unleashes a monstrous demon called Pumpkinhead to exact her revenge. Lance Henriksen, Jeff East, Stan Winston, 1988  

60th anniversary edition of Hitchcock’s landmark movie

Pusher / With Blood On My Hands / I’m the Angel of Death, Denmark 

Hal Holbrook stars in this canuxploitation rip-off of Deliverance. Northern Ontario has never been more terrifying! Peter Carter, 1977.

Mexican Horror. A young nun is tempted by visions of forbidden sexual fantasies to cross over to Satan. Gilberto Martínez Solares (1975)  

David Cronenberg’s famous sci-fi/horror about individuals with head-exploding psychic powers. Michael Ironside, 1981.

An anonymous love letter left in Michael’s locker on the last day of school wreaks havoc on his life, and the lives of everyone who come in contact with it. C. Thomas Howell, Kelly Preston, Lori Loughlin, Dee Wallace Stone, Cliff De Young, David Greenwalt  

An otherwise rejected or ignored boy (Jonathan Brandis) creates a fantasy pal (Chuck Norris) from his martial-arts movie hero.

A psychedelic and freakishly timely psychodrama grapples with eternal struggles around existential dread through a woman who believes she has contracted an illness that will kill her by morning. Kate Lyn Sheil, Amy Seimetz, 2020.

The idle & depraved son of a rich industrialist cajoles 2 strangers to rob the safe in his father’s factory, seduce his stepmother to blackmail her for money and finally to commit murder. Claude Mulot, 1974.  

Arnold (Gary Farmer) rescued Thomas (Evan Adams) from a fire when he was a child. Thomas thinks of Arnold as a hero, while Arnold’s son Victor (Adam Beach) resents his father’s alcoholism, violence and abandonment of his family. Uneasy rivals and friends, Thomas and Victor spend their days killing time on a Coeur d’Alene reservation in Idaho and arguing about their cultural identities. When Arnold dies, the duo set out on a cross-country journey to Phoenix to retrieve Arnold’s ashes.

16 year-old Jamie falls in with his mother’s new boyfriend and his crowd of self-appointed neighborhood watchmen, a relationship that leads to a spree of torture and murder. Based on horrifying crimes discovered in Snowtown, Australia in 1999. 2011.  

5-terrifying Stephen King classics, in one Blu-ray collection. This set includes Pet Sematary, Pet Sematary (2019), Silver Bullet, Stephen King’s The Stand, The Dead Zone. 

In their quest for free beer, bumbling Canadian brothers Bob (Rick Moranis) and Doug McKenzie (Dave Thomas) wind up working at the Elsinore Brewery. The hapless lads uncover a sinister mind-control plot spearheaded by Brewmeister Smith (Max von Sydow) and must stop the scheme, which also involves Uncle Claude (Paul Dooley), a member of the Elsinore family. As Bob and Doug try to prevent Smith from taking over the world, they also manage to drink plenty of their favorite sudsy beverage.

John Carpenter’s fun satire of consumerism finds an unemployed Roddy Piper uncovering that the world’s ruling elite are aliens in disguise who’s aim is to keep humans in a state of mindless consumerism. Keith David, Meg Foster, 1988. 

A suburban, upper-middle-class, semi-retired gangster who desperately tries to keep his criminal life a secret from his staid, conservative wife. Thomas Jane, Aaron Eckhart, Mickey Rourke, Paulina Porizkova, 1998.

Five women are stalked by an unknown assailant while preparing for Valentine’s Day. David Boreanaz, Denise Richards, Marley Shelton, Katherine Heigl, 2001. 

Affable hillbillies Tucker and Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are mistaken for murderers by a group of preppy college students.

A dark comedy about a likeable guy pursuing his office crush with the help of his evil talking pets – but things turn sinister when she stands him up for a date. Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick, 2014.

Low budget Lovecraftian horror about a police officer who experiences strange & violent occurrences linked to a group of mysterious hooded cultists after he delivers their intended sacrifice to a local hospital. Art Hindle, Jeremy Gillespie (2016)  

THE FINAL CUT! A righteous police officer investigates the disappearance of a young girl on an island inhabited by a cult of pagans. Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland, Ingrid Pitt. 

Mind-bending horror comedies where murderous animated wax figures manifest demonic evil. Anthony Hickox (1988,1992)  

Motocross racer Billy Robinson (Robert Krantz) has become a top rider in the business. When Billy goes back to his hometown, he is met with adoration by most, though some are resentful of the successful youth. For a local competition, Billy is pitted against his best buddy, Rick Melon (Don Michael Paul), who is arguably just as skilled, but hasn’t had his big break yet. Will the race take its toll on Billy and Rick’s longtime friendship, or will the two work things out, despite their rivalry?

When an aging Wild Bill Hickok (Charles Bronson) finds his dreams invaded by the image of a rampaging white buffalo, he decides the only remedy is to find and kill the creature. With the help of his old friend Charlie (Jack Warden), he sets out across the snowy plains, unaware that he’s not the only one looking for the fabled beast. Sioux Chief Crazy Horse (Will Sampson) has recently lost a daughter to the white buffalo, and he fears the girl’s soul won’t rest until he kills it.

Infamous cult Japanese action horror where the only survivor of a clan of ancient werewolves who relies on his supernatural powers to solve mysterious crimes. Kazuhiko Yamaguchi (1975)  

And there we go guys…this week’s list. Hope something caught your eyes and we’ll see ay soon! Cheers.

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