Another Week Of Cinema Comes Lunging At You At The Videostore…

Another glorious month of cinema has begun as the month of September brings us closer to greatness of October. School is back in, the leaves are falling, and most importantly more films come crashing into the shop. Let’s take a look shall we…

A madcap send-up of late-night TV, low-budget sci-fi films and canned-laughter-filled sitcoms packed with off-the-wall sketches. Arsenio Hall, Phil Hartman, Sybil Danning, Henry Silva, Carrie Fisher, 1987.

Attack From Space: Residents of the Emerald Planet send their superhero, Starman (Ken Utsui), to protect Earth from Spherion invaders.
Fast and The Furious: A framed man escapes prison and takes a rich woman’s Jaguar with her in it. After she tries to escape numerous times they soon develop feelings for each other, and enters a road race that ends in Mexico

Shocking French thriller of two young women who go on a violent spree against a society in which they feel marginalized. Karen Lancaume, Raffaëla Anderson, Céline Beugnot, 2000. 

A woman seeks revenge on the person she blames for her daughter’s death.

Kurt Russell stars as Jack Burton, a tough-talking truck driver whose life goes into a supernatural tailspin when his best friend’s fiancée is kidnapped. John Carpenter (1986) 

It took Anna (Nicole Kidman) 10 years to recover from the death of her husband, Sean, but now she’s on the verge of marrying her boyfriend, Joseph (Danny Huston), and finally moving on. However, on the night of her engagement party, a young boy named Sean (Cameron Bright) turns up, saying he is her dead husband reincarnated. At first she ignores the child, but his knowledge of her former husband’s life is uncanny, leading her to believe that he might be telling the truth.

In the near future, gas prices have gotten so high that automobiles are an unusable mode of transport. Then vegan teacher Archie (Mike Brune), while working on an engine designed to run on wheat grass, discovers he can get it to work using human blood. He dumps sweet organic grocer Lorraine (Anna Chlumsky) for hot butcher Denise (Katie Rowlett) and all forms of mayhem ensue while Archie fuels his bloodcar. Things get crazier when the government takes an interest in the project.

The dead are coming back to life outside the isolated Mi’gMaq reserve of Red Crow, except for its Indigenous inhabitants who are strangely immune to the zombie plague. Jeff Barnaby, 2019. 

Brian DePalma’s paranoid and often lurid homage to Hitchcock and Antonioni’s Blow Up. John Travolta, 1981. 

An ominous piece of news sends a drifter (Macon Blair) back to his hometown to exact brutal — and inept — revenge for the deaths of his parents.

Cult Sci-fi/Comedy about alien serial killer is sent to Earth to live among humans as a punishment for his crimes who continuously must “borrow” the heads of humans. Rae Dawn Chong, Antonio Fargas, Mädchen Amick, John McNaughton, 1991. 

A former summer camp caretaker, horribly burned from a prank gone wrong, lurks around an Upstate New York summer camp bent on killing the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement. Written by Harvey Weinstein. Jason Alexander, Holly Hunter, Tony Maylam. 

In this gory remake of the beloved cult film from Stuart Gordon, an Albanian castle with bloodthirsty creatures is inherited by a young woman. Clair Catherine, Kika Magalhães, Jake Horowitz, 2020. 

Dario Argento’s second entry in the so-called “Animal Trilogy about a blind puzzle-maker attempts to crack the case of the murderous goings on at a secretive genetics institute. Catherine Spaak, Rada Rassimov, Karl Malden, 1971.  

In this stylish bit of folk horror, a young boy finds an ancient Comanche monster spirit in the basement of his home. His parents don’t believe him, so he must kill the monster alone. Patrick Kilpatrick, Chris Miller, Suzanne Savoy, Kevin Tenney, 1989. 

The twins of Paul “Muad’dib” Atreides become embroiled in the political landscape of Arrakis (“Dune”) and the rest of the universe. The twins of Paul “Muad’dib” Atreides become embroiled in the political landscape of Arrakis (“Dune”) and the rest of the universe. …

Four masters of the macabre star in this sinister and screamingly funny scare-fest! Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone, Peter Lorre, Jacques Tourneur, 1963.  

Arizona Deputy Sheriff is sent to New York City to escort an escaped fugitive back for trial. Clint Eastwood, Lee J. Cobb, Susan Clark, 1968.  

Italian exploitation icon Joe D’Amato’s outrageous and rarely seen 1978 “mondo” movie highlights the glorious Disco era and features legendary performer Amanda Lear. 1978. 

Beloved horror anthology which tells five terrifying tales based on the E.C. horror comic books of the 1950s. George A. Romero (1982) 

The fictional Creepshow comic books come to life in this anthology series of terrifying tales hosted by the silent Creepshow ghoul. TV Series (2019) 

From Italian exploitation maestro Ruggero Deodato, a newswoman and her cameraman link a Jonestown style massacre to a South American colonel deeply involved in the cocaine trade. Lisa Blount, Leonard Mann, 1985.

Early 90s cult favourite about a family terrorised by a doll possessed by a vengeful Native spirit. Rip Torn, Maria Lease, 1991.  

In this Amicus horror anthology, a mysterious fortune teller uses Tarot cards to read the future of five fellow passengers. Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael Cough, Max Adrian, Donald Sutherland, Freddie Francis, 1965

Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative David Lynch’s flawed masterpiece with loads of extras. Length is 137 minutes. 

To the students at Harrington High, the principal and her posse of teachers have always been a little odd, but lately they’ve been behaving positively alien. Controlled by otherworldly parasites, the faculty try to infect students one by one. Cheerleader Delilah (Jordana Brewster), football player Stan (Shawn Hatosy), drug dealer Zeke (Josh Hartnett) and new girl Marybeth (Laura Harris) team up with some of their other classmates to fight back against the invaders.

Cole (Franco Nero) is a former American military operative who’s just finished his training in ninjutsu in Japan. He heads to the Philippines to visit an old army buddy (Alex Courtney) and his seductive wife (Susan George), who are living on a large property targeted by a wealthy CEO, Charles Venarius (Christopher George), for oil drilling. When Cole fights off his stooges, Venarius recruits Cole’s old ninjutsu school rival, the vicious Hasegawa (Shô Kosugi), leading to an explosive showdown.

In this cult classic, a shy, lonely film buff embarks on a killing spree against those who browbeat and betray him, all the while stalking his idol, a Marilyn Monroe lookalike. Dennis Christopher, Tim Thomerson, Gwynne Gilford, Vernon Zimmerman, 1980. 

In 1924, young Cheng Dieyi (Leslie Cheung) begins training at the Beijing Opera House at the same time as Duan Xiaolou (Fengyi Zhang). Cheng specializes in playing female parts, often against Duan’s commanding male leads. While pretending to be in love with Duan onstage, Cheng begins to develop actual romantic feelings for his co-star, which are not reciprocated. Over the next 50 years, the two men maintain a complicated friendship as China undergoes turbulent changes.

Third film in Full Moon’s erotic alien series. Jillian Janson, Kira Noir, Denise Milfort, Paris White, 2020 

Includes these unsung giallos: THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A (1974 – William L. Rose) / THE FRENCH SEX MURDERS (1972 – Ferdinando Merighi) / MY DEAR KILLER (1972 – Tonino Valerii)  

When 8 celebrities from around the globe are invited to compete in an online reality show, they soon realize that they are playing for their very lives, as those voted off suffer horrific consequences, broadcast live to the entire world. Valter Skarsgård 

The stars of a 1970s sci-fi show – now scraping a living through re-runs and sci-fi conventions – are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Believing the cast’s heroic on-screen dramas are historical documents of real-life adventures, the band of aliens turn to the ailing celebrities for help in their quest to overcome the oppressive regime in their solar system.

Double feature of newly restored French gangster films from director Jacques Deray starring Alain Delon – THE GANG (1977) / THREE MEN TO KILL (1980)  

In this comedy, a tough female trucker trains her weak best friend to compete in the National Ladies Arm Wrestling Championship. Mary Holland, Betsy Sodaro, Olivia Stambouliah, Maureen Bharoocha, 2020.  

René Cardona Jr’s cult exploitation version of the Jonestown Massacre tweaked to avoid potential lawsuits! Joseph Cotten, John Ireland, Gene Barry, Stuart Whitman, Bradford Dillman, 1979.  

An L.A. party girl gets mixed up in a violent drug deal and masquerades as a nun to escape a drug lord’s retribution

A comic book artist loses his hand, which in turn takes on a murderous life of its own. Michael Caine, Viveca Lindfors, Oliver Stone, 1981. 

Two years after the “Hell House” documentary, a small team of online journalists returns to investigate The Abaddon Hotel.

A group of seven Finnish friends head to the cottage in the middle of the forest, accompanied by a group of three foreign men they have just met, who are strangely conspicuous about something. The direction of the weekend changes constantly.

A group of teens are unwittingly stranded near a strange wax museum and soon must fight to survive and keep from becoming the next exhibit. Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Brian Van Holt, Jaume Collet-Serra, 2005. 

An aspiring writer is repeatedly gang-raped, humiliated, and left for dead by four men whom she systematically hunts down to seek revenge. Meir Zarchi (1978)  

Starring Seth Green. A teenage slacker’s right hand becomes possessed with murderous intent. Rodman Flender (1999)  

An intense and disturbing supernatural 80’s slasher newly restored in 4k. John Cassavetes, John Ireland, Kerrie Keane, John Hough, 1981.  

Proto-slasher meets detective drama in this horror inspired by the serial killer Ted Bundy. James Luisi, Susan Sullivan, Buck Flower, Jeremy Hoenack, 1978. 

Vicious slasher featuring an oddball story about some thieves who disturb a genie who proceeds to kill them horrible after they have sex. Deborah Winters, James Huston, Andra St. Ivanyi, Tom Daley, 1987. 

The directorial debut of Wes Craven is a harrowing ordeal of sexual humiliation, torture and murder! Sandra Peabody, Lucy Grantham, David Hess, 1972  

Screen legend Vincent Price gives a masterful performance in this post-apocalyptic sci-fi chiller, the first and most faithful adaptation of Richard Matheson’s classic novel I Am Legend.  

cult director Walerian Borowczyk’s subversively erotic final feature about a vain womaniser who meets a woman who turns the tables on him. Marina Pierro, Mathieu Carrière, 1987. 

A power vacuum develops when the top mob boss flees a federal indictment. 

When a proud noble refuses to kiss the hand of the despotic King James in 1690, he is cruelly executed and his son surgically disfigured. Paul Leni (1928) 

He’s a maniac cop! William Lustig, Bruce Campbell, Richard Roundtree, Written by Larry Cohen, 1988. 

A fanatical pacifist and mad scientist, while holding an American scientist and his team hostage, uses his highly advanced airship to destroy military targets around the world. Vincent Price, Charles Bronson, Henry Hull, William Witney, 1961. 

“All the scenes you will see in this film are true. If they are shocking, it is only because there are many shocking things in this world…” With those words, Directors Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara and Franco Prosperi unleashed the international sensation!

An excellent & unabashedly Canadian slasher set in a Maritime coal town cursed with a decades-old folk tale about a deranged murderer killing those who celebrate Valentine’s Day. The folk tale turns out to be true! George Mihalka, 1981.  

After a freak accident dismembers him and a master surgeon manages to attaches a new member, a young man investigates the former love life of his new penis. Hywel Bennett, Denholm Elliott, Elke Sommer, Britt Ekland, Ralph Thomas, 1971.  

A singer quits her band to become an actress and sheds her “good girl” image to further her career.

In this delirious, disgusting and delightfully fun “GWAR meets kid film”, a couple of kids meet an alien overlord who’s too serious to take seriously. Matthew Ninaber, Kristen MacCulloch, Rick Amsbury, Steven Kostanski, 2020.

A tongue-in-cheek take on Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poem featuring some of the genre’s greatest – Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff. Roger Corman, 1963.  

Teenage lesbians (Asta Paredes, Catherine Corcoran) battle mutant classmates at Tromaville High School.

Pitch-black, screwball Dad revenge comedy from Denmark about a father who is convinced by conspiracists that the accidental death of his wife was a calculated murder. Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Andrea Heick Gadeberg, Anders Thomas Jensen, 2020. 

Two unknown 18 year old amateur boxers quickly fight their way to becoming the most feared and respected villains in all of London. Zackary Adler (2015) 

Lascivious sequel to the classic 80’s Canadian teen sex comedy! Mike MacDonald, 1985. 

A sweet mother takes a little too much at heart for the defense of her family. Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake, John Waters, 1994.  

A gutter-noir reworking Tod Browning’s FREAKS and a valentine to the carnival lifestyle in a dazzling 4K restoration of this essential weirdo classic. Byron Mabe, Donn Davison, 1967. 

An ingeniously engineered slash of thoroughly modern horror, arguably the most important film of the Canadian Tax Shelter era, which charts a social breakdown by tearing through our most intrinsic taboos. David Cronenberg, 1975. 

One of the few slashers produced during the short-lived, early 80s revival of 3D movies! Remarkably well shot and rarely available in its original 3-D anaglyph version. Howard Johns, Simon Nuchtern.  

Tougher than Chiba! Meaner than Bruce Lee! Awesome collection of the cult Sister Streetfighter films (including the rare final entry Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist). 

Paying homage to the ’39 classic & the ’66 versions, this one from 1986 tells the story of a group of passengers aboard the outward bound Overland Express stagecoach.Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, John Schneider.  

A maverick cop goes undercover into a dangerous criminal underworld and, under the spell of the bad guy’s charismatic leader, maybe gets in a little too deep. Brian Bosworth, Lance Henriksen, William Forsythe, 1991.  

In this horror comedy western, vampires in a small town manufacture artificial blood in the hopes of integrating into human society. However, a descendent of Van Helsing has other plans. David Carradine, Morgan Brittany, Bruce Campbell, Anthony Hickox 

Double feature of British Horror anthology films: Tales from the Crypt / Vault of Horror. Joan Collins, Terry Thomas, Freddie Francis, Roy Ward Baker, 1973  

A funeral director tells four strange tales of horror with an African American focus to three drug dealers he traps in his place of business. Rusty Cundieff, 1995.  

A maniacal clown terrorises three young women and anyone else in his way on Hallow’een night.

A Shakespearean actor takes poetic revenge on the critics who denied him recognition. Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Diana Dors, Joan Hickson, Madeline Smith, 1973. 

John Carpenter’s fun satire of consumerism finds an unemployed Roddy Piper uncovering that the world’s ruling elite are aliens in disguise who’s aim is to keep humans in a state of mindless consumerism. Keith David, Meg Foster, 1988. 

Classic boxing triple feature: Requiem for a Heavyweight / Golden Boy / The Joe Louis Story 

A group of young friends stranded at a secluded roadside museum are stalked by a masked assailant who uses his telekinetic powers to control the attraction’s mannequins. Score by Pino Donaggio. Chuck Connors, Tanya Roberts, Linnea Quigley, 1979.

All 7 Tremors flicks in one beauty set!

Impressionistic crime-thriller about a tough cop trying to make amends for his crimes in a seedy city populated by off-centre characters. Alan Rudolph Kris Kristofferson, Keith Carradine, Divine. 1986.

In this cult favorite road film, a mechanic (Dennis Wilson) and a driver (James Taylor) live only to race and maintain their 1955 Chevy. Heading east from California with no particular agenda, they give a girl (Laurie Bird) a ride, and en route she incites jealousy between the men by sleeping with them both. Meanwhile, the trio encounters an overbearing GTO driver (Warren Oates) who agrees to race them to New York, each side putting at stake their most prized possession: their car.

Double your funky pleasure with both Undercover Brother flicks!

A brutal mugging leaves Grey Trace paralyzed in the hospital and his beloved wife dead. A billionaire inventor soon offers Trace a cure — an artificial intelligence implant called STEM that will enhance his body. Now able to walk, Grey finds that he also has superhuman strength and agility — skills he uses to seek revenge against the thugs who destroyed his life.

Includes: Master of the World, Cry of the Banshee, Tower of London, Diary of a Madman, An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe  

Anna Biller’s cult retro spectacle about a bored 1970s housewife who gets sucked into the sexual revolution! 2007.  

An American family move into a British country house only to encounter malevolent spirits. The ghost of the owner’s daughter, long missing, torments the family’s young girl.

An ex-con teams up with federal agents to help them with breaking up a moonshine ring. Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley, Ned Beatty, Joseph Sargent, 1973. 

While searching for a missing teen in a densely forested area north of St. Petersburg a team encounters a dark spirit called the Limping Widow. Ivan Minin, 2020.  

Includes Wishmaster 1, 2, 3, 4 and loads of extras.

And there it is dear movie nerds. Some ineresting stuff coming this week. And so much Vincent Price goodness! Either way new stuff should be here on Thursday as per tradition. Cheers!

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