Well in fairness the videostore is kinda Halloween year round but this is it. The Real deal! So if there was ever a week to stock up on sweet genre cinema we have arrived to it. Got lots of bizarre and entertaining goodies coming to the old videostore in a few days so let’s take a look shall we…

Shadowy, dreamlike noir about a crooked medium out to swindle wealthy and naive women of their fortunes. Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari, Cathy O’Donnell, Cinematography by John Alton, 1948.  

This animated trek across the musical landscape of the 20th century begins with young immigrant Zalmie (Jeffrey Lippa) arriving in New York City. He’s addicted to show business, but an accident ruins his voice. He marries a stripper (Lisa Jane Persky) and their son, Benny (Richard Singer), becomes a jazz pianist. Although Benny is killed in World War II, his son, Tony (Ron Thompson), goes on to great success as a songwriter during the ’60s, as does Tony’s son, Pete (also Thompson), in the ’80s.

Nine college students staying at a friend’s remote island mansion begin to fall victim to an unseen murderer over the April Fool’s Day weekend. Fred Walton (1986)  

After a nature photographer (Mark L. Taylor) dies on assignment in Venezuela, a poisonous spider hitches a ride in his coffin to his hometown in rural California, where arachnophobe Dr. Ross Jennings (Jeff Daniels) has just moved in with his wife, Molly (Harley Jane Kozak), and young son. As town residents start turning up dead, Jennings begins to suspect spiders, and must face his fears as he and no-nonsense exterminator Delbert McClintock (John Goodman) fight to stop a deadly infestation.

South London teenagers (John Boyega, Alex Esmail, Leeon Jones) defend their neighborhood from malevolent extraterrestrials.

In this Italian horror, a minister and his wife move into a delightful new home – only to discover it is a portal to HELL! Claudio Fragasso, 1990.  

Both Volumes of the WWE series covering and looking back at some legends in the ring.

The cult sensation in a deluxe DVD edition. The film is an astonishingly incompetent and bizarre romantic thriller from first-time director James Nguyen. 

Legendary horror anthology from Mario Bava featuring Boris Karloff. Michele Mercier, 1963. 

Mario Bava’s classic tale of a vengeful witch and her fiendish servant who return from the dead to terrorize the descendants of their executioners. Barbara Steele, 1960. 

A pregnant woman, her boyfriend and her sister take a boat tour of a mangrove swamp, where they are terrorised by a killer crocodile

Troma classic from the makers of Girls School Screamers a goofy, gory, and highly original send up of Jaws. Thomas R. Rondinella.  

a psychic-gigolo in a leopard-print thong rents a haunted house to “beautiful women with no ties” & what follows is a psychedelic mess of gore, sex, chainsaws, pie fights, killer refrigerators, jacuzzis, & beds that eat people!  

Low-level bureaucrat Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) escapes the monotony of his day-to-day life through a recurring daydream of himself as a virtuous hero saving a beautiful damsel. Investigating a case that led to the wrongful arrest and eventual death of an innocent man instead of wanted terrorist Harry Tuttle (Robert De Niro), he meets the woman from his daydream (Kim Greist), and in trying to help her gets caught in a web of mistaken identities, mindless bureaucracy and lies.

Back In Stock! Sexy Blu Ray import of the Herbert West sequels to the cult classic Re-Animator!

Ruggero Deodato’s sleazy classic in a 2-Disc Deluxe Edition 

Influential cult classics rampant with inventive violence and spectacularly choreographed swordplay about a young woman (Meiko Kaji), trained from childhood as an assassin and hell-bent on revenge for her father’s murder and her mother’s rape.  

Back In Stock! The 90s classic and the not so classic remake/sequel/reboot/ who cares follow up.

After his wife meets a grisly end, Jamie Ashen (Ryan Kwanten) returns to their creepy hometown of Ravens Fair to unravel the mystery of her murder. Once there, he discovers the legend of Mary Shaw (Joan Heney), a murdered ventriloquist whose eerie presence still looms over the town. As he desperately digs for answers, Jamie encounters the curse that took his wife’s life and threatens his own.

Funnier, sexier, and more outrageous sequel to the classic adult film. Jeanne Silver, Bambi Woods, Jim Clarke.  

Regarded by some highly suspect horror fans as two of the greatest Italian horror films ever made by Lamberto Bava presented here in 4k!  

Beyond weird, ultra low budget, shot on video without a script anti-masterpiece from France. Veronique Renaud, Marcel Portier, Catherine Day, Bernard Launois, 1985.  

A couple unwittingly come into possession of a bag containing one million dollars belonging to a drug-smuggling ring and the Mob wants it back. Leigh McCloskey, Jeanne O’Brien, Frankie Valli, Sonny Bono, Greg Louganis, Robbie Rist, 1987.  

James Bryan’s cult classic about a group of obnoxious campers who venture into the wilderness for what they assume will be a fun filled weekend. Unknown to them, a bloodthirsty maniac is hiding in the woods…  

Entertaining documentary which explores the circumstances surrounding the legendary ‘lost’ cult Roger Corman film The Fantastic Four (1994). Marty Langford, 2015.  

Satirical SOV chronicle of the torment and isolation of two despondent trench coat sporting teenage misfits who decide to murder their class mates. William Hellfire, Misty Mundae, Lily Tiger, 1999.  

All Three Bad Ass Mariachi flicks in one sweet set!

Cole (Franco Nero) is a former American military operative who’s just finished his training in ninjutsu in Japan. He heads to the Philippines to visit an old army buddy (Alex Courtney) and his seductive wife (Susan George), who are living on a large property targeted by a wealthy CEO, Charles Venarius (Christopher George), for oil drilling. When Cole fights off his stooges, Venarius recruits Cole’s old ninjutsu school rival, the vicious Hasegawa (Shô Kosugi), leading to an explosive showdown.

This psychedelic tour of life after death is seen entirely from the point of view of Oscar (Nathaniel Brown), a young American drug dealer and addict living in Tokyo with his prostitute sister, Linda (Paz de la Huerta). When Oscar is killed by police during a bust gone bad, his spirit journeys from the past — where he sees his parents before their deaths — to the present — where he witnesses his own autopsy — and then to the future, where he looks out for his sister from beyond the grave.

A nightmarish portrait of the loss of humanity in the manicured lawns of Middle America told through 3 sequences. Douglas Buck, 1997-2003.  

Documentary film about the legendary improv guru, Del Close. Heather Ross, 2020.  

Collection of 2 rarely seen Jess Franco Euro noirs: DEATH WHISTLES THE BLUES (1964) / RIFIFI IN THE CITY (1963)  

Frank Henenlotter’s beloved cult horror comedy. James Lorinz, Joanne Ritchie, 1990.  

Back In Stock! In this horror-comedy from Blumhouse, a reimaging of the classic Freaky Friday, a teen girl swap bodies with a middle aged male serial killer. Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton, Christopher Landon, 2020. 

Two young boys accidentally release a horde of nasty, pint-sized demons from a hole in a suburban backyard. Now they must overcome a nightmarish hell that literally begins to take over the Earth. Tibor Takács (1987)  

Double feature of Val Lewton produced classic horror films: The Ghost Ship (1943 – Mark Robson) / Bedlam (1946 – Mark Robson & starring Boris Karloff) 

4K restoration of the under rated & weird third sequel in the beloved franchise.  

A stylish giallo about a bridal design shop owner kills various young brides-to-be in an attempt to unlock a repressed childhood trauma that’s causing him to commit murder. Mario Bava, 1970. 

Swedish documentary. Fictionalized documentary showing the evolution of witchcraft, from its pagan roots to its confusion with hysteria in modern Europe. Benjamin Christensen (1922)

Indescribable psychedelic Japanse ghost tale that’s equal parts absurd and nightmarish, Scooby Doo and Mario Bava. Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1977. 

Horror double feature: HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT (Bobby Roe 2014) HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2 (Bobby Roe 2017)  

Cult werewolf from Joe Dante. Written by John Sayles. Music score is composed by Pino Donaggio. Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Kevin McCarthy, John Carradine, 1981. 

Legendary Italian director Mario Bava’s surreal horror masterpiece where an 19th century European village is haunted by the ghost of a murderous little girl. (1966)  

Sword and sorcery epic based on Conan creator Robert E. Howard’s Atlantean barbarian Kull. Kevin Sorbo, Tia Carrere, Thomas Ian Griffith, 1997. 

Mario Bava’s lavish, surreal horror about a woman who wanders into a nightmarish world. Elke Sommer, Telly Savalas. 1974. 

This animated film by Ralph Bakshi presents the first part of J.R.R. Tolkien’s renowned fantasy tale. The wise old wizard, Gandalf (William Squire), entrusts the young hobbit, Frodo (Christopher Guard), with a magical ring. Soon dark forces are after Frodo, so he must leave his peaceful home and travel to the ominous Mount Doom, where the ring must be destroyed. Accompanied by a trio of hobbit friends, Frodo is also aided by the mysterious Aragorn (John Hurt) and other heroic allies.

A modern-day witch uses spells and magic to get men to fall in love with her, in a tribute to 1960s pulp novels and Technicolor melodramas. Anna Biller (2016)  

When the evil Skeletor (Frank Langella) finds a mysterious power called the Cosmic Key, he becomes nearly invincible. However, courageous warrior He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) locates inventor Gwildor (Billy Barty), who created the Key and has another version of it. During a battle, one of the Keys is transported to Earth, where it is found by teenagers Julie (Courteney Cox) and Kevin (Robert Duncan McNeill). Now both He-Man and Skeletor’s forces arrive on Earth searching for the potent weapon.

A mother desperately searches for the killer that framed her son for their horrific murder. From Joon-ho Bong director of The Host. 

Iconic horror based on Steven King’s novel, after a famous author is rescued from a car crash by a fan of his novels, he comes to realise that the care he is receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse. Rob Reiner, 1990.  

A killer stalks the night to feed an unspeakable appetite.

Reeling from the unexpected death of her husband, Beth (Rebecca Hall) is left alone in the lakeside home he built for her. She tries as best she can to keep together-but then the dreams come. Disturbing visions of a presence in the house call to her, beckoning with a ghostly allure. But the harsh light of day washes away any proof of a haunting. Against the advice of her friends, she begins digging into his belongings, yearning for answers.

Fun cult film about a pair of Valley Girls who survive the apocalypse and must defend themselves against zombies while they go shopping. Mary Woronov, Catherine Mary Stewart, Robert Beltran, Kelli Maroney, 1984.  

Wild teenage girls (Mimi Kinkade, Linnea Quigley) hold a Halloween seance in an old funeral parlor to scare their friends.

A very strange, personal film from the author of the Ecorcist that is sort of Sam Fuller’s Shock Corridor set as an episode from The Twilight Zone. Stacy Keach, Scott Wilson, Jason Miller, William Peter Blatty, 1980. 

A thriller about a family on a tropical holiday who discover that the secluded beach where they are relaxing for a few hours is somehow causing them to age rapidly reducing their entire lives into a single day.

An American housewife living in Japan unwittingly unleashes an ancient evil power. Ariel Sekiya, Miharu Chiba, Eigi Kodaka, Masaya Kato, 2021. 

Late Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy offers his take on the horror stylings of William Castle in this bizarre fusion of The Tingler and House on Haunted Hill. 1982.  

In this delirious, disgusting and delightfully fun “GWAR meets kid film”, a couple of kids meet an alien overlord who’s too serious to take seriously. Matthew Ninaber, Kristen MacCulloch, Rick Amsbury, Steven Kostanski, 2020.  

Double feature of beloved cult films Phantasm & Phantasm II.  

Legendary 80’s slasher gorefest available for the first time uncut! Paul L. Smith, Christopher George. Written by Joe D’Amato. Juan Piquer Simón, 1982. 

A horror movie marathon in an abandoned theatre decides to screen a bizarre short whose creator killed his family and set the theater on fire after its first showing. That’s when the murder begins. Mark Herrier (1991)  

Collection of remastered early 80s TV movies: Dreams Don’t Die (1982) / Death Ride to Osaka (1983 – Jennifer Jason Leigh) / Freedom (1981 – Mare Winningham, Jennifer Warren)  

All three Re-Animator flicks in one sweet set!

Stylish thriller about a jaded homicide detective & a neurotic FBI agent who hunt down a vicious Biblically inspired serial killer. Christopher Lambert, Leland Orser, Russell Mulcahy, 1999. 

The brain munchers with attitude are back as a young man uses a secret government chemical program to reanimate his dead girlfriend, helping her as she consumes the only thing that will nourish her, human brains. Brian Yuzna (1993)  

A Japanese gallery owner denies his violent ninja heritage until American drug traffickers kidnap his young son.

It’s 25 years later, and Detective Frank Washington is forced to team up with his long estranged partner Joe Marshall to solve a series of assassinations.

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s bizarre, violent and singular psychedelic epic involving circus freaks and religious cults. Guy Stockwell, 1989.  

First three Scream flicks plus two sweet documentaries!

Gonzo arthouse exploitation film from about an aging porn star who is roped into making an “art” film which proceeds to have him commit increasingly demented and depraved acts. Srdjan Spasojevic, 2010.  

Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back. David Caruso, Stephen Gevedon, Paul Guilfoyle, Brad Anderson, 2001.  

A light-hearted spring break adventure turns dark when 4 college girls witness a small town sheriff murdering someone. Richard Styles, 1987.  

A wild blend of samurai film, spaghetti western, and post-apocalyptic road film, all mixed with a cool 1950s Rockabilly vibe. Jeffrey Falcon, Justin McGuire, Kim De Angelo, Lance Mungia, 1998.  

Rachel tries to uncover the truth behind the unspeakable “Cannibal” Kelly Anderson murders that happened in her town of Bangor, Maine.

An ordinary teenage boy discovers his family is part of a gruesome orgy cult for the social elite. Brian Yuzna (1989)  

A comedy about a phony American heir to a British dukedom, the real heir and a cast of oddballs looking to get in on the inheritance. Eric Idle, Rick Moranis, Barbara Hershey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Cleese, 1993.  

Double Feature Blu Ray Set Of both the original 90s STAND and 2020’s Version.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a warrior wandering through the desert comes upon a group of settlers who are being menaced by a murderous gang that is after the water they control. Patrick Swayze, Brion James, Arnold Vosloo, Lance Hool, 1987. 

A pierced and tattooed sadist, Captain Howdy (Dee Snider), trolls the Internet for naive teens, luring them to his home to torture and defile them. When Howdy kidnaps and tortures the daughter of police Detective Mike Gage (Kevin Gage), he is caught. Deemed insane, he is sent to an asylum but is released soon after, seemingly better. However, Gage knows it is only a matter of time before Howdy strikes again, and he’s ready to unleash his own form of retribution when the time comes.

Subversive cult classic horror-comedy about a toxic booze that melts anyone who drinks it! J. Michael Muro, 1987.  

A disturbed drug addicted killer, Stephen, is forced to produce snuff films for an underworld crime organisation to repay a long standing debt.

A funeral director tells four strange tales of horror with an African American focus to three drug dealers he traps in his place of business. Rusty Cundieff, 1995.  

A crazy clown stalks and tries to kill three women in a wretched old apartment building on Halloween night.

Includes: Fall of the House of Usher (1960) / The Haunted Palace (1963) / The Masque of the Red Death (1964) / Witchfinder General (1968) / The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) / The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971).

Ace saves his heroes from alien invaders that turn people into zombies.

A horror comedy with fake news and commercials section, that was filmed on old video cameras to make it look like a real VHS recording of a commercial television station’s Halloween special from 1987. 2013.  

Includes WOLFCOP (Lowell Dean 2014) ANOTHER WOLF COP (Lowell Dean 2017)  

Cult teen 80s horror / sci-fi film about a mysterious fast-driving spirit who descends from the sky to take revenge against a road-racing gang of motor-heads. Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes, Sherilyn Fenn, Randy Quaid, Mike Marvin, 1986. 

Despondent after breaking up with his girlfriend, Zia (Patrick Fugit) kills himself and wakes up in a bland purgatory populated by other suicides. He takes a job at Kamikaze Pizza and befriends a Russian rocker named Eugene (Shea Whigham) while trying to make the best of a very dull afterlife. Learning that his ex-girlfriend has also killed herself, Zia embarks on a road trip with Eugene to find her, picking up a feisty hitchhiker (Shannyn Sossamon) along the way.

A group of students goes into the woods to study birds, and soon the dead begin to rise to devour the living. Robert Vaughn, James Villemaire, Joe D’Amato, 1987. 

And there we go guys…lots of choices this week so hopefully we’ll see you before the weekend as you stock up for the spooky season. Remember the videostore loves ya. Cheers!