Movies, Movies, Movies…They Just Keep Coming In…

We continue to live the dream in this bizarre videostore world with the movies that bind us. This week another batch of beauties are hitting the shelves and I think there is something for everyone so let’s take a look shall we…

Back in Stock! In 1988 the Japanese government drops an atomic bomb on Tokyo after ESP experiments on children go awry. In 2019, 31 years after the nuking of the city, Kaneda, a bike gang leader, tries to save his friend Tetsuo from a secret government project. He battles anti-government activists, greedy politicians, irresponsible scientists and a powerful military leader until Tetsuo’s supernatural powers suddenly manifest. A final battle is fought in Tokyo Olympiad exposing the experiment’s secrets.

A mousy librarian inherits her father’s beloved but failing old movie house. In order to save the family business she discovers her inner serial killer – and a legion of rabid gore fans – when she starts turning out a series of grisly shorts. Natasha Lyon  

Gangbangers steal cursed marijuana from the Amityville house and bring it back to Compton, California where the weed unleashes paranormal pandemonium.

When stealing a cursed bottle of wine from a struggling local brewery, Karen soon finds that the price to pay is far more dangerous than the average hangover. Everyone in her path becomes prey and not even a manager can be called in to stop her.

Members of a rock band believe they’re being followed in the remote wilderness.

Mexican horror where two serial killers are arrested for causing a traffic accident, the police confiscate videotapes containing brutal murders and tortures. Lex Ortega (2015)  

When a webcam performer with a loyal fanbase and a shady husband bites into a self-regenerating hot dog she gets supersized! Ivy Smith, Eli Cirino, Christine Nguyen, Jim Wynorski, 2022.  

A pair of enigmatic yet startling low-budget thrillers, both features restored from their original negatives, plus BLOODY BROTHERS, Friedel’s recut of the two features as one twisted crime epic. Frederick R. Friedel (1974, 1976)  

Artie (Artie Lange) has no job and no girlfriend, and still lives with his mother. But he does have two things to look forward to in life: beer and softball. With best buddy Maz (Ralph Macchio), Artie plays on a team for Ed’s Bar and Swill — until their brawling behavior threatens to get them kicked out of the league. In order to maintain their place, they’ll have to defeat the champions at Manganelli Fitness — no easy task when their blood-alcohol levels exceed their batting averages.

BACK IN STOCK! Italian horror classic an American writer living in Rome witnesses a murder and grows increasingly obsessed with the incident. He launches his own investigation, heedless of the danger to both himself and his girlfriend. Dario Argento (1970)  

Finney Shaw is a shy but clever 13-year-old boy who’s being held in a soundproof basement by a sadistic, masked killer. When a disconnected phone on the wall starts to ring, he soon discovers that he can hear the voices of the murderer’s previous victims — and they are dead set on making sure that what happened to them doesn’t happen to Finney.

BACK IN STOCK! In the near future, gas prices have gotten so high that automobiles are an unusable mode of transport. Then vegan teacher Archie (Mike Brune), while working on an engine designed to run on wheat grass, discovers he can get it to work using human blood. He dumps sweet organic grocer Lorraine (Anna Chlumsky) for hot butcher Denise (Katie Rowlett) and all forms of mayhem ensue while Archie fuels his bloodcar. Things get crazier when the government takes an interest in the project.

Sadistic entertainments are staged for his audience’s pleasure in a bizarre Off-Broardway theatre of the macabre in what is one of the all time greatest sexploitation shockers ever released! Seamus O’Brien, Viju Krem, Niles McMaster, 1976.  

CAMP KILLER: The sheriff of a town plagued by an unstoppable killer meets up with his nemesis one last time. MANIAC FARMER: Street punks led by the feared `Blasphemous Rex’ get more than they bargained for when they choose to terrorise a seemingly helpless farmer.

The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada. John Candy, Alan Alda, Rhea Perlman, Michael Moore, 1995.  

BACK IN STOCK! In this cult horror, a nuclear-plant leak turns a bus-load of children into murderous atomic zombies with black fingernails. Gale Garnett, Max Kalmanowicz, 1980.  

Ralph Bakshi’s last full length theatrical work features Brad Pitt & Gabriel Byrne crossing over into a cartoon dimension. Kim Basinger, 1992.  

No budget shot on video horror about a mythic creature besieged by urban sprawl and an evil human who is forced to do the unthinkable. Brando Snider, 1997.  

The Terrifying Movie Of A World Gone Mad! Human driven pollution causes animals to run amuck in this violent exploitation classic! Christopher George, Leslie Nielsen, Lynda Day George, William Girdler, 1977.  

A young Marine named Eddie Birdlace (River Phoenix) is set to spend his last night in San Francisco with his military friends before they are deployed to Vietnam in 1963. Eddie and his friends plan to attend a cruel bar event called a “dogfight,” which requires Marines to bring unattractive dates who will be judged for their ugliness. Eddie encounters a shy, frumpy girl named Rose (Lili Taylor) whom he brings to the dogfight but finds himself falling for as the night goes on.

A young man must risk his life to save his fire-breathing friend from the unscrupulous owner of an amusement park.

BACK IN STOCK! After a serial killer murders his twin brother, a young man infiltrates a fraternity where his brother lived.

BACK IN STOCK! Alejandro Jodorowsky’s legendary surreal, biblical spaghetti “eastern” midnight movie follows a gunfighter as he reaches the top and becomes a holy man. 1970. 

From his rise to fame to his unprecedented superstardom, rock ‘n’ roll icon Elvis Presley maintains a complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker, over the course of 20 years. Central to Presley’s journey and happiness is one of the most influential people in his life — Priscilla.

The sexual adventuress investigates an American entrepreneur who keeps a harem for hard-to-please clients.

A relatively opulent & extremely gory remake from the peerless Jess Franco of the classic Franju film Eyes Without a Face. Helmut Berger, Chris Mitchum, Brigitte Lahaie, Caroline Munro, Stéphane Audran, Telly Savalas, 1988.  

An exploration of modern feminism through the boundary-pushing films of badass female filmmakers working in the Pacific Northwest, …

Granddaddy of all monster movies! On Criterion! Includes the original, 1954 Japanese version, along with Godzilla, King of the Monsters, the 1956 American reworking starring Raymond Burr. 

Dramatic retelling of the Jonestown tragedy starring Powers Booth as Jim Jones. James Earl Jones, LeVar Burton, Ned Beatty, Randy Quaid, William Graham, 1980.  

René Cardona Jr’s cult exploitation version of the Jonestown Massacre tweaked to avoid potential lawsuits! Joseph Cotten, John Ireland, Gene Barry, Stuart Whitman, Bradford Dillman, 1979.  

A group of friends fight for survival when they disturb the deranged inhabitants of what was thought to be abandoned estate deep in the woods of East Texas. Jason Rader, Jason Von Godi, 2021.  

Indescribable psychedelic Japanse ghost tale that’s equal parts absurd and nightmarish, Scooby Doo and Mario Bava. Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1977. 

Starring Seth Green. A teenage slacker’s right hand becomes possessed with murderous intent. Rodman Flender (1999) 

Japanese tokusatsu television series and 10th instalment in the long running Kamen Rider series. 2000-2001.  

Road Warrior rip-off about a female warrior who is making her way through the desert, searching for a possibly non-existent paradise. Deborah Rennard, Garrick Dowhen, Daniel Radell, Peter Maris, 1986. 

BACK IN STOCK! Mathilda (Natalie Portman) is only 12 years old, but is already familiar with the dark side of life: her abusive father stores drugs for corrupt police officers, and her mother neglects her. Léon (Jean Reno), who lives down the hall, tends to his houseplants and works as a hired hitman for mobster Tony (Danny Aiello). When her family is murdered by crooked DEA agent Stansfield (Gary Oldman), Mathilda joins forces with a reluctant Léon to learn his deadly trade and avenge her family’s deaths.

A subversive political allegory hiding in a cheap teen exploitation – a kid moves to a new school and is picked on by a preppie gang. Derrel Maury, Andrew Stevens, Robert Carradine, Rene Daalder, 1976.  

Beautifully restored and now complete version (from a print found in Buenos Aires in 2008) of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.  

Hong Kong Action starring Jackie Chan! A Chinese chef accidentally gets involved with a news reporter who filmed a drug bust that went awry, and is now being chased by gangs who are trying to get the video tape. Sammo Kam-Bo Hung (1997) 

 Gory and sleazy cult film about a cannibal rapist rises from the grave as a flesh-eating zombie sex maniac! Matt Jaissle, 1997.  

Back In Stock! A timeless tale of vengeance told through the medium of a bloated Jaws rip off! Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling, Michael Anderson, 1977. 

PAPERHOUSE back in Stock! This dark psychological drama follows young Anna Madden (Charlotte Burke), a lonely British child who begins to inhabit the world that she draws in her sketchbook. When she creates a boy on paper, she later meets the same child, Marc (Elliott Spiers), in her dream realm. Things take a creepy turn when Anna draws her absentee father (Ben Cross), and he appears in her world as a menacing figure out to get her. Can Anna control this strange realm, or will she become a victim of it?

In this delirious, disgusting and delightfully fun “GWAR meets kid film”, a couple of kids meet an alien overlord who’s too serious to take seriously. Matthew Ninaber, Kristen MacCulloch, Rick Amsbury, Steven Kostanski, 2020.  

Hungarian horror about a post mortem photographer and a little girl who confront ghosts in a haunted village after the First World War. Péter Bergendy, 2020.  

BACK IN PRINT! Bizarro Japanese deadpan comedy about a meek department store salesman who is unable to cancel his bondage-club contract for a year’s worth of random & unexpected sexual masochism. Mao Daichi, Lindsay Kay Hayward, Hairi Katagiri, Hitoshi Matsumoto, 2013.  

Tim Kincaid’s distinctive bizarro cult film about a band of heroes who travel the post-apocalyptic wasteland to rescue a scientist from an evil robot empire. 1987.  

In a future where the world is divided up into Corporate States & the masses are entertained by a violent roller derby, one of its top stars fights for his identity and free will. James Caan, John Houseman, Maud Adams, Norman Jewison, 1975.  

BACK IN STOCK! Long unavailable cult Horror anthology about a group of college students are spending a weekend away at a remote cabin and pass the time telling spooky stories. James L. Wilson, 1979.  

In this rarely seen Shot On Video horror, that pushes the boundaries of insanity and ambition for low budget horror, two friends must fight an evil force in rural Hawaii. Brent Cousins, 1991.  

The Catholic Church is trying to save an innocent soul from the ravages of satanic possession. Wave after wave of holy men are sent to confront the possessed. Stephen Biro (2017)  

The tragic and brutal events that befall Maggie, a young victim of extreme spousal abuse.

BACK IN STOCK! Korean horror, Through a failed medical experiment, a priest is stricken with vampirism and is forced to abandon his ascetic ways. Chan-wook Park (2009)  

When brash Texas border officer Mike Norton (Barry Pepper) wrongfully kills and buries the friend and ranch hand of Pete Perkins (Tommy Lee Jones), the latter is reminded of a promise he made to bury his friend, Melquiades Estrada (Julio Cesar Cedillo), in his Mexican home town. He kidnaps Norton and exhumes Estrada’s corpse, and the odd caravan sets out on horseback for Mexico. As Estrada’s body begins to rot, Norton begins to unravel, but Perkins remains determined to honor his vow.

BACK IN STOCK! Legendary category 3 serial killer crime thriller from Hong Kong based loosely on a notorious murder which place in Macau in the 80s involving cannibalism. Danny Lee, Anthony Wong, 1993.  

Beloved cult film featuring a giant robot and his small boy pilot fighting ridiculous threats to the Earth! Assembled by American International Television from episodes of the Japanese TV series Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. 1970.  

Middle-school student Dawn Weiner (Heather Matarazzo) faces degradation at school — where she is teased constantly — and at home. The middle child between nerdy older brother Mark (Matthew Faber) and perky younger sister Missy (Daria Kalinina), Dawn can’t seem to find a place to belong. Although she has a crush on a cute boy (Eric Mabius) whom her brother knows, she can only catch the attention of bully Brandon (Brendan Sexton Jr.), who threatens her to show affection.

An expedition set out to explore a mysterious forest in New Hampshire where the entire population of a town died in 1940.

And there we go guys, hopefully some titles jumped out at you and well see ya down the road at the old videostore. Cheers!

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