Some More Titles Come Trickling In The Shop This Week…

Another week and some more product hits the shop. Most are forgotten about gems and odd ones so maybe one of them might catch your eye. Let’s find out…

Four teen girls diving in a ruined underwater city quickly learn they’ve entered the territory of the deadliest shark species in the claustrophobic labyrinth of submerged caves. Johannes Roberts (2019)  

Collection of documentaries featuring interviews, court footage and news reels about serial killers. 2 discs. 

The Matt and Trey classic returns to the shop. Holy crap, this movie is 22 years old now?! Wow…just wow.

Very deadpan comedy (akin to Takeshi Kitano’s comedies) about a middle-aged slacker who’s job it is to defend Japan (poorly) from very goofy giant monsters. Hitoshi Matsumoto, 2007.  

The 1958 classic starring Steve McQueen! An alien lifeform consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows.

Double shot of JCVD goodness. The immortal classic Bloodsport along with the immortal mullet in Timecop. Win win really…

Russian horror tells of when a young Englishwoman attempts to discover her mysterious connection to a remote island convent, she will unlock an unholy communion of torment, blasphemy and graphic demonic depravity. Mariano Baino (1993)  

Starring Sarah Polley and Ving Rhames, remake of the classic zombie film where survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall. Zack Snyder (2004)  

Three times the ass kicking. Three times the karate kicks. Three times the gunfire. Three times the beard. Three times the CHUCK!

Back In Stock! A mild-mannered film editor is assigned to cut a series of infamous slasher films and is driven murderously insane by the miles of extremely violent footage he edits. Anders Jacobsson (1995)  

All these later and still a best seller and I guess now considered a “beloved classic”.

The “okay” remake returns to the shop. Mainly because of some solid acting it is passable.

For some reason this QT flick was missing from my shop. Well that is just unexceptable.

In this British / Spanish horror, firmly in the late period Hammer mold, a British anthropologist discovers a frozen prehistoric creature in remote China and must transport it to Europe by train. Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza, 1972. 

In this Euro western, a group of French speaking trappers, aided by local Natives, rebel against the company and their arrogant British representative. Amando de Ossorio (1965) 

Starring Peter Boyle and Susan Sarandon, a businessman kills his junkie daughter’s drug-dealing boyfriend, then meets a drunken factory worker named Joe, who he confesses to. With shared hatred, the two becomes murderously violent. John G. Avildsen (1970)  

Two of Bruce Willis’ best that do not involve John McClain. Great double feature!

Three previously thought lost sexploitation features from Herschell Gordon Lewis, the acclaimed master of exploitation cinema. ECSTASIES OF WOMEN (1969) / LINDA AND ABILENE (1969) / BLACK LOVE (1971).  

Legendary TV creator Gerry Anderson’s pilots for THE INVESTIGATOR (1973) THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (1975) and SPACE POLICE (1986), plus other rare, unreleased material.  

The complete series of the first cyberpunk TV show. In the near future, an intrepid investigative TV reporter does his job with the help of his colleagues and a computerized version of himself. Matt Frewer, Amanda Pays, 1987. 

A young woman goes searching for her missing artist father. Her journey takes her to a strange Californian seaside town governed by a mysterious undead cult.

A photographer’s obsessive pursuit of dark subject matter leads him into the path of a serial killer who stalks late night commuters, ultimately butchering them in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

Tells the story of a psychopathic killer who drives a stolen Mercedes into a crowd and a recently retired detective who tries to bring him down. TV Series (2018)  

Ah Bruce, missed you in my shop. Mistaken for his character Ash from the ‘Evil Dead’ trilogy, Bruce Campbell is forced to fight a real monster in a small Oregon town.

Devilish double feature! Night Train To Terror, an Amicus style horror anthology brimming with blood, gore, and nudity & The Thirsty Dead about a cult of ancient vampires who kidnap nubile young women.  

Follows the lives of heroin addicts who frequent “Needle Park” in New York City.

The World War II phase of the career of controversial American general George S. Patton.

The spirit of a long-dead convict returns for revenge tormenting the prison’s new governor. Lane Smith, Viggo Mortensen and Chelsea Field, Renny Harlin, 1988. 

Lascivious sequel to the classic 80’s Canadian teen sex comedy! Mike MacDonald, 1985.

A hip hop horror anthology of three tales of terror told by the Hound of Hell that revolve around the residents of an inner-city neighborhood whose actions determine where they will go in the afterlife.

I still adore this movie. A team of international astronauts are sent on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb in 2057.

A mentally unstable veteran works as a nighttime taxi driver in New York City, where the perceived decadence and sleaze fuels his urge for violent action by attempting to liberate a presidential campaign worker and an underage prostitute.

Over-the-top gorefest from the people who brought the world Suicide Club and Machine Girl. Yoshihiro Nishimura, 2008.  

Solid remake by Tobe Hooper of the 70s sleazefest slasher flick. A historic Hollywood hotel houses a supernatural evil. It’s been subdued for decades, but when renovations start, a series of murders take place.

Back In STock! A brash and arrogant podcaster gets more than he bargained for when he travels to Canada to interview a mysterious recluse… who has a rather disturbing fondness for walruses.

In 1999, Claire’s life is forever changed after she survives a car crash. She rescues Sam and starts traveling around the world with him. Writer Eugene follows them and writes their story, as a way of recording dreams is being invented. Wim Wenders (1991)  

Limited 2 disc edition of the documentary on black metal – part music scene and part cultural uprising – going behind the scenes to review the complex and largely misunderstood principles and beliefs of the scene.  

One of Jess Franco’s personal favorites! A confusing mess of a film with incredible cinematography, awesome score by Bruno Nicolai and weird performances. Jean Rollin also contributes. 1973.  

The Original classic! A robot malfunction creates havoc and terror for unsuspecting vacationers at a futuristic, adult-themed amusement park.

You can’t keep a good vampire down in the movie that never gets old.

Like Black Rain White Squall is a great Ridley Scott flick that has sadly een forgotten over the years. Well not anymore! Starring Jeff Bridges. Teenage boys discover discipline and camaraderie on an ill-fated sailing voyage.

Jayne Mansfield shares her experiences from her last trip around the world.

And that is what’s hitting the shop this week. I’ll keep doing my best in these times to make sure more product manages to get here little by little…cheers!

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