Some Strange Stuff Hits The Videostore This Week….

Hello kids, another week is upon us as the autumn slowly sets it’s way into the weather. With things beginning to cool down nothing seems more soothing than relaxing with a blanket, a nice drink, some snacks and checking out some fine and bizarre cinema at home. This week’s selections are as usual a mixed bag with one intriguing title dealing virtual reality, Russian spies, monsters, and ofcourse Jesus. It might be my pic of the week as a brain melter. Anyways, let’s go through the list…

Halloween is appoaching fast so always good to have another horror anthology back in stock! 5 stories from 5 writers.

Back In Stock! The 80s classic starring Elizabeth Shue.

Back In Stock! A young Brooke Shields meets an untimely end in this religious-themed proto slasher par excellence from director Alfred Sole. Linda Miller, Mildred Clinton, Paula E. Sheppard, Alfred Sole, 1976  

UNDERRATED AND BACK IN STOCK! After being hypnotized by his bizarre mother, a man goes on a brutal killing spree complete with telepathic commands from mom to carve the eyeballs from his victims. But just when you think you’ve seen it all, comes the most shocking twist imaginable.

Back In Stock! This three-part, self-contained limited series is about the newest member of the Midnight Society, her first scary tale, and what happens to the group when the terrifying events of her story start to actually happen in their small town. 2019. 

Back In Stock! A young man carrying a big basket that contains his extremely deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will. Frank Henenlotter (1982)  

Back In STock! Turkish horror film where a squad of unsuspecting cops goes through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building. Can Evrenol (2015)  

Back in Stock! Cult film about a young man, the product of a beast rape, transforms into a cicada monster who runs amuck in the swamp. Ronny Cox, Bibi Besch, Paul Clemens, L. Q. Jones, Philippe Mora, 1982.  

1978 cult classic surfing flick staring William “Greatest American Hero” Katt, Jan Michael “Airwolf” Vincent, and ofcourse Gary “Am I Truly Insane?” Busey. A Beauty!

Back In Stock! Italian horror classic an American writer living in Rome witnesses a murder and grows increasingly obsessed with the incident. He launches his own investigation, heedless of the danger to both himself and his girlfriend. Dario Argento (1970)  

Back In Stock! Bob Clark’s cult Canadian slasher classic about series of Christmas-time murders in a sorority house. Olivia Hussey, Margot Kidder, Andrea Martin. 

Back in Stock! Starring Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper. A severed human ear found in a field leads a young man to investigate a mysterious nightclub singer and the criminals who kidnapped her child. David Lynch (1986) 

Back in Stock! Long unavailable cult monster movie about mysterious turtle creatures who emerge from an abandoned mine. John Crawford, Rebecca Balding, James L. Conway, 1981. 

Back In Stock! Dvd and Blu Ray. Based on Clive Barker’s horror legend The Candyman, a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, is accidentally summoned to reality by a sceptical grad student researching the monster’s myth. Bernard Rose (1992) 

Back In Stock! One of the sleaziest & trashiest Canadian films of the 70’s! A dopey couple find themselves in an isolated small town inhabited by the “blood-hungry honeys” of the title. Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Ivan Reitman, 1973. 

Back in Stock! Contemporary horror film in the spirit of classic anthology films like Creepshow and containing films that not only celebrate the golden age of drive-in B horror shlock but also span over four decades of cinema. Richard Riehle, Adam Rifkin, 2011.  

Back In Stock! As we await the third installment in the series time to catch up with the first two..

A mind-bending big budget sci-fi actioner from Russia. A young wakes in a dystopian world made up of memories of people who have fallen into a comatose state. Nikita Argunov, 2019.  

Back In Stock…Fashion designer (Kathleen Turner) leads a double life as China Blue, a prostitute stalked by a sexually frustrated private detective and a psychopathic priest (Anthony Perkins) in possession of a murderous sex toy. Ken Russell (1984)  

back in Stock! Sam Raimi directs & the Coen brothers pen this cartoony story of a pair of exterminators/hitmen who kill the owner of a burglar-alarm company, stalk the partner who hired them, his wife, & a nerd framed for the murder. Louise Lasser, Brion James, 1985.  

Al Pacino stars a police detective goes undercover in the underground S&M gay subculture of New York City to catch a serial killer who is preying on gay men. Paul Sorvino, Karen Allen, William Friedkin, 1980 

New Blu Ray Collector’s Edition! Biopic about notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, taking place in both the past and the present. Jeremy Renner, Bruce Davison, David Jacobson, 2002.  

back In Stock! In Jim Jarmusch’s first period piece he has imagined the nineteenth-century American West as an existential wasteland, delivering a surreal reckoning with the ravages of industrialization, the country’s legacy of violence and prejudice. Johnny Depp.  

First Time On Blu Ray! Cult 80s horror film, better known for its gimmicky VHS cover, involves woman admitted to a mental hospital haunted by an undead mad scientist. Brett Leonard, 1989.  

Back In Stock! Aussie cult horror set in the near future, where a teenage couple is trapped in a drive-in theatre which has become a concentration camp for social outcasts gorging on drugs, exploitation films, junk food, and new wave music. Brian Trenchard-Smith (1986)  

Back In Stock! A babysitting uncle tells his charges three horror stories–about a killer witch, Little Red Riding Hood and a werewolf, and a story about “Goldi Lox” and the three bears. Jeffrey Delman. Melissa Leo (1986) 

A low-budget actioner featuring Fred Dryer of TV’s Hunter taking on terrorists in a Middle Eastern country. Joseph Gian, Sasha Mitchell, Terry Leonard, 1987.  

Back In Stock! The 90s classic..A uniformed cop is recruited by a drug enforcement agent to infiltrate a drug smuggling ring looking to expand its operation

Based on a true story, this film depicts the life of Theodore Robert Bundy, the serial killer. In 1974, after having murdered several young women, he leaves Seattle for Utah, where he is a law student and where other girls disappear. It takes the cooperation of a number of police forces to work efficiently on this case. Soon, but not soon enough, the police eliminate endless possibilities and close in on him. Bundy is tried in the media and his good-boy attitude brings him sympathy but also the hatred of man

Back In Stock! Wonderfully loopy exploitation film about a coven of rural Satanists who gain terrible powers which enable them to melt their victims… William Shatner, Ernest Borgnine, Ida Lupino, John Travolta, Robert Fuest, 1975.  

The 80s! The Fat Boys! Three bumbling orderlies are hired to take care of an old rich man. Humorous mayhem follows.

back In Stock! Indie film favourite starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Donnie is a troubled high school student with an imaginary friend, a six-foot rabbit named Frank, who tells him the world is going to end in 28 days 06 hours 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Richard Kelly (2001)  

Marie Liljedahl (the luscious star of INGA) is Eugenie, an innocent young woman taken to an island paradise where she is initiated into a world of pleasure and pain controlled by the sinister Dolmance (the legendary Christopher Lee). Jess Franco, 1970.  

Russian horror film about a grieving couple who adopt a feral boy, who begins to eerily resemble their long missing child more with each passing day. Elena Lyadova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Olga Gorodetskaya, 2019.  

Back In Stock! The 90s creepy as hell UFO abduction flick returns to the shop!

Back in Stock! Over 60 years old and it still rules! Robbie The Robot! Leslie Nielsen! A starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet’s colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has.

Back In Stock! German horror. A serial killer strikes fear in the hearts of residents of Hamburg during the early 1970s. Fatih Akin (2019)  

Back In Stock! Documentary covering the growth and subsequent overexposure of the Seattle “grunge” music scene in the early 90s

A documentary film about the world’s fastest growing religion: The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Michael Arthur, 2019.  

Double feature or Ilsa goodness or badness depending on your view. First off The Wicked Warden..A desperate young woman goes undercover to infiltrate the brutal warden Ilsa’s mental health facility for the sexually deviant women, after the mysterious disappearance of her sister. And then Harem Kieeper Of The OilSheiks…In the vast deserts of the Middle East, the lascivious tigress Ilsa joins the white flesh slavery ring of a maniacal sheikh overlord.

Back In Stock! Starring Sam Neill and Jürgen Prochnow, an insurance investigator begins discovering that the impact a horror writer’s books have on his fans is more than inspirational. John Carpenter (1994)  

Back In Stock! Gasper Noe’s shocker.

Starring Louis Gossett, Jr., a nightclub hypnosis act possesses a man with the spirit of a violent gangster from the 1940s, the murderous J.D., who launches a revenge campaign against those who had done ‘him’ wrong all those years ago. Arthur Marks (1976)  

This documentary dives into the expansive world of Japanese tattoo artists – the hori-shi – and offers a gritty take of the rich culture and masterful artistry behind the traditions in Japanese tattoo making.

Delightfully insane mashup of vintage exploitation tropes and pure absurdism, a WTF thriller, that largely defies explanation. From the director of Crumbs. Daniel Tadesse, Guillermo Llansó, Agustín Mateo, Miguel Llansó, 2019  

Legendary roughie about a psychotic mechanic whose history of childhood abuse at the hands of his mother leads to murderous rage against women. Tanya Roberts, Ron Max, Nancy Allen, 1976.  

Back In Stock! All 8 of the indefatigable Leprechaun series! He’s been to outer space and back to the hood, but will he ever find his gold? 

Back In Stock! A sexy space vampire comes to earth and begins to transform the population of London into zombies. From director Tobe Hooper and writer Dan O’Bannon. Steve Railsback, Mathilda May, Peter Firth, 1985. 

A small town video game store clerk who must go from zero to hero after accidentally unleashing the forces of evil from a cursed Colecovision game… Wil Wheaton, Kevin Smith, Lin Shaye, 2019.  

Back In Stock! Rare shot on video found footage horror film inspired by the then popular alien abduction stories. Tommy Giavocchini, Patrick Kelley, Shirly McCalla, Dean Alioto, 1989. 

Back In Stock! The popular selling cult film that owes so much to the Wicker Man.

Back In Stock in both DVD and Collector’s Edition BLU RAY! A seemingly innocent and sweet little boy causes murder and mayhem in his new neighborhood and falls for the teenage girl next-door. Brian Bonsall, Josie Bissett, Ashley Laurence, Dennis Dimster, 1992.

In one of the most infamous Mondo movies of all, host Boris Karloff guides you through a world “throbbing and pulsing with love, from the jungle orgies of primitive tribes to sin-filled evenings of the London sophisticate.” 1964.  

Well since I have the first 4 movies in the shop I might as well bring in the final one.

Back In Stock! The Blu Ray Edition for Tom Savini’s 1990 remake of the classic with Tony Todd!

The heavily panned Rob Reiner movie from 1994 is back in print so why not bring it in. Starring Elijah Wood Sick of the neglect he receives from his mom and dad, a young boy leaves home and travels the world in search of new parents.

Back In Stock! Amazingly entertaining documentary of the Ozisploitation era of filmmaking.

Back In Stock! Zombified chickens attempt to kill the fast-food workers that cook them in a restaurant built on an ancient burial ground.

60 years ago this month Hitckcock’s classic opened to unsuspecting audience and changed the course of genre cinema forever. After Psycho the world was aware that monsters do exist and they look like the shy awkward boy next door.

Back In Stock! The only George Clooney double feature that matters!

You can’t keep a brilliant down and Riki-Oh has pleased movie nerds for years and continues to do so so ya…Back in Stock!

Back In Stock! Reb Brown stars in this mind melting mash-up of PREDATOR, ROBOCOP and Philippines war movie mayhem from director Bruno Mattei. 1988.  

Back In Stock! The movie that got most of us young ones in the 90s to scream the name Jackie Chan!

Import Blu Ray edition of THE SHADOW because there is no Blu Ray here in north america yet.

Italian horror where a spree of grisly murders is perpetrated in Frankfurt by Satan worshippers. A school teacher helps an old man, but he has plans for her permanent future with the Satanic cult. Michele Soavi (1981)  

Back In Stock! The 2006 french horror flick with one bizarre acting job by the great Vincent Cassel.

Back In Stock on both DVD and BLU RAY. In the dark days of World War II, the Nazi High Command ordered its scientists to create a top secret race of indestructible zombie storm troopers – un-living, unfeeling, unstoppable monstrosities that killed with their bare hands. They were known as The  

A squad of National Guards on an isolated weekend exercise in the Louisiana swamp must fight for their lives when they anger local Cajuns by stealing their canoes. Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward, Walter Hill, 1981. 

The limited edition BLU RAYs of SPLIT SECOND are back in stock! Loaded with bonus features! In a flooded dystopian future, a detective hunts a serial killer who murdered his partner and has haunted him ever since. He soon discovers what he is hunting might not be human. Rutger Hauer, Kim Cattrall, 1992.

Back In Stock! The 1992 cult classic comedy Blu Ray has been unleashed upon the world and is being rediscovered all over again.

Beautiful 5 movie set oin Blu Ray! All Stephen King. Sweet…

Back In Stock! The always forgotten about DAVID LYNCH gem. A retired farmer and widower in his 70s, Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth) learns one day that his distant brother Lyle (Harry Dean Stanton) has suffered a stroke and may not recover. Alvin is determined to make things right with Lyle while he still can, but his brother lives in Wisconsin, while Alvin is stuck in Iowa with no car and no driver’s license. Then he hits on the idea of making the trip on his old lawnmower, thus beginning a picturesque and at times deeply spiritual odyssey

From 1982 a forgotten 80s comedy…A couple with marriage problems goes to Family Court, where a judge takes them back in time to view lovers through the ages.

Back in Stock! One of my favourite double features from the 90s.

FINALLY! Back In Stock! Ten stories are woven together by their shared theme of Halloween night in an American suburb, where ghouls, imps, aliens and axe murderers appear for one night only to terrorize unsuspecting residents.

Back In Stock! Art The Clown keeps on selling out.

Toxie. The cartoon friendly version. The Movie. Nuff said.

Brilliant big screen adaptation of a novel by Iceberg Slim following 2 Phildelphia con men trying to evade the gangsters and the cops while trying to make a buck. Kiel Martin, Mel Stewart, Larry Yust, 1972.  

Back In Stock! The surprisingly good deep ocean horror flick.

FIRST TIME ON BLU RAY! Wes Craven and Eddie Murphy’s bizarre horror comedy was a misfire in the 90s but has turned into some what of a cult classic the last few years.

Back In Stock! The insanity returns to the shop. After losing his parents, a priest travels to China, where he inherits a mysterious ability that allows him to turn into a dinosaur. At first horrified by this new power, a hooker convinces him to use it to fight crime. And ninjas.

Back In Stock on DVD and Blu Ray! The amazing mockumentary returns to the shop to remind you they are “werwolves, not swearwolves”.

Well guys, that’s this week’s goodness so the videostore hopes to see ya soon. And remember the shipmend will be here on FRIDAY do to the past long weekend. Keep living the dream everyone. Cheers!

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