Hey Guys, Damn weather is starting to cool off these days but the good news is another solid amount of sweet movie titles are coming in like throwing more wood on the fire to keep our movie nerd hearts warm and toasty. So let’s see what fine cinema we have to offer this week at the old videostore and hope it can help distract from the weather that is surrounding us these days…

Back In Stock! All five adventures of the cheerful journey of Mr. Death trying to get back at those pesky humans that thought they could escape his wrath. Silly humans!

Lucio Fulci’s final film! When a bullied student at a New England girl’s school becomes comatose after a prank gone wrong, her tormentors will suffer graphic telepathic punishment that includes the infamous ‘death by snails’ scene!  

Italian horror, a group of tourists become stranded on an uninhabited island where they are stalked by an insane, violent, and grotesque killer that slaughtered the town’s former residents. Joe D’Amato (1980)  

Back In Stock! Starring Chloë Sevigny, after a night of partying, strange symptoms and recurring visions afflict a young woman as she undergoes an unnatural pregnancy and struggles to get a grip on reality. Danny Perez (2016)  

Back in Stock! Four twentysomethings find themselves stuck on a haunted antique bed where leaving means suffering a gruesome death. Plagued with frightening hallucinations, they must figure out the bed’s secrets before they are ultimately picked off one by one.

Back in Stock! Starring Martin Sheen. A New York psychiatrist finds that a brujería-inspired cult, which believes in child sacrifice, has a keen interest in his own son. John Schlesinger (1987)  

Back in Stock! The cult sensation in a deluxe DVD edition. The film is an astonishingly incompetent and bizarre romantic thriller from first-time director James Nguyen. 

Featuring Peter Falk. Two beatniks get their kicks by dealing drugs and violence. Julian Roffman (1959)  

Back In Stock! Nice little four pack of the AFTER DARK filmfest series.

Back In Stock! One morning, a young man wakes to find that a small, disgusting creature has attached itself to the base of his brain stem. The creature gives him a euphoric state of happiness but demands human victims in return. Frank Henenlotter (1988)  

In this horror, a young woman with a odd medical condition is sent to live with her highly eccentric extended family where she begins to uncover her family’s dark secret. Jonathan Lipnicki, Avery Konrad, Timothy V. Murphy, 2020. 

Back In Stock! Take a trip back to the birth of one of the most famous and dirtiest live venue bars in history. This film would also be the last leading role for the late great Alan Rickman.

Back In Stock! In 2017, a successful businessman travels to the ends of the earth to find that the perfect woman is always under his nose. He hires a sexy renegade tracker to find an exact duplicate of his android wife.

Back in Stock! REGION FREE Blu Rays of the newest indepth documentary looking back at the making of one the biggest landmark blockbuster flicks from the 80s.

Back in Stock! The shop will keep stock piling copies of the Brandon Lee cult classic because who knows how long it will stay in print this time.

Set after Hurricane Katrina, four boyhood friends out of options reluctantly accept an offer to pull off a dangerous heist in the heart of New Orleans. Eiza González, Ethan Hawke, Keean Johnson. Directed by RZA. 2020. 

Back In Stock! Alejandro Jodorowsky’s first film in over 20 years retraces the spiritual and mystical path he has followed since childhood, vividly repainting events from his unique perspective swathed in surreal mythology, dream logic and instant day-glo legend. 

Back in Stock! George Barry’s uniquely weird journey through a world of wind demons, carnivorous furnishings and the spirit of Aubrey Beardsley! Demene Hall, Julie Ritter, 1977.  

Back In Stock! Yul Brynner & Barbara Bouchet star in this Italian crime film about a retired hit-man decides to take one last job to avenge the murder of his brother by a mafia gang. An eager would-be mobster helps him. Antonio Margheriti, 1976. 

Godfather of Gore Lucio Fulci’s unholy saga of demonic nuns and supernatural carnage filled with startling imagery and bloody excesses! Brett Halsey, Lino Salemme, Christina Engelhardt, 1990.  

Back in Stock! From the minds of Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava comes the horrific Heavy Metal splatter film classic, DEMONS! Presented in a stunning new high-definition transfer and re-mastered audio!  

Spanish erotic thriller where a young woman abducts a doctor whom she holds responsible for the death of her boyfriend and subjects him to various sexual torture acts. Lucio Fulci (1986)  

Cult grim & gorey slasher from the early 80’s featured in a beautifully restored print. Laurie Lapinski, Daphne Zuniga, Jeffrey Obrow, 1982. 

Wonderfully ridiculous video game based cult film about a pair of brothers, an ancient Chinese talisman, Robert Patrick with funny hair, goofy gangs and a flooded LA. Mark Dacascos, Scott Wolf, Alyssa Milano, 1994.  

Back In Stock! Over 6 hours of retro movie trailers with non-stop sex, violence, vehicle destruction and cockamamie cosmic carnage.

Jackie Chan stars in this Hong Kong Kung Fu masterpiece where a disobedient son is sent to be trained by his uncle, a master of the 8-Drunken Genii kung-fu, before the son comes back to rescue the father from an assassin. Woo-Ping Yuen (1978)  

Back In Stock! Arquette. Big CGI Spiders. Late 90s charm and cheese.

Back In Stcok! Still a best seller for the videostore. Part 1 & 2 of Sam Raimi’s classic horror series starring Bruce Campbell: EVIL DEAD (SAM RAIMI 1981), EVIL DEAD 2 (SAM RAIMI 1987)  

Back In Stock! A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot. Roger Edwards, Samuel Davis, Chris Osborn, Eduardo Sánchez (of Blair Witch fame), 2014. 

Back In Stock! A teenager discovers that the newcomer in his neighborhood is a vampire, so he turns to an actor in a television horror show for help dealing with the undead. Tom Holland (1985)  

A rare look at Italian horror director Lucio Fulci featuring never-before-seen home movies, rare behind-the-scenes footage from his classic films, audio confessions from Fulci himself, and revealing interviews with collaborators. Simone Scafidi, 2019.  

Back In Stock! German horror. A serial killer strikes fear in the hearts of residents of Hamburg during the early 1970s. Fatih Akin (2019)  

Back in Stock! Twin boys move to a new home with their mother after she has face changing cosmetic surgery, but under her bandages is someone the children don’t recognize. Susanne Wuest, Lukas Schwarz, Elias Schwarz, 2014. 

Back in Stock! A personal favourite of the videostore. Monster flick that forces humans to stay drunk and keep drinking if they wanna survive the night!

Back In Stock! Region Free Import Blu Ray of the Canadian found footage creepy hospital tale.

Back In Stock! 13 years later this tribute to the 70s double feature cinema run still works on so many levels.

Back in Stock and in Print. This set contains Halloween 6, H20, and Busta Rhymes.

Back In Stock! Early 90s thriller about one creepy ass nanny. Recommended viewing.

Back In Stock! Kirsty is brought to an institution after the death of her family, where the occult-obsessive head resurrects Julia and unleashes the Cenobites once again. Tony Randel (1988)  

Back in Print and Back In Stock! It’s all the other Hellraisers with Doug Bradley in one set at a good price. We get such classic entries as Punhead In Space, Hellraiser rips off the Angel Heart, Hellraiser: Let’s bring back Kirsty for no apparent reason, and ofcourse everyone’s favourite Hellraiser: Oh Lance Henriksen…did you really need the money that bad?

A must have for any fan of the Godfather of Gore!

Back in Stock! Hatch gets a special resuscitative medicine after “dying” in a car accident. His wife and daughter only get minor injuries. He gets strange nightmares such as killing a teen girl. Is it just dreams?

Back in Stock! The 80s cult classic featuring Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell & Jennifer Jason Leigh that convinced us picking up a hitchhiker is bad.

Back in Stock! A horror / sitcom about 2 aspiring horror filmmakers living in the small town of Holliston, Massacusetts. Sort of a “Big Bang Theory” meets “Evil Dead 2”. Adam Green (Hatchet), Dee Snider, Oderus Urungus.  

Bringing this in because I miss Rick Moranis in movies and a little bit of my childhood.

Back in Stock! 80s horror comedy classic, a divorced novelist inherits an old mansion, where he decides to write his next book. Unfortunately, the house’s malevolent supernatural residents have other ideas… Steve Miner (1985) 

Back In Stock! Pretty solid triple feature on Blu Ray for the holiday season.

Jean-Claude Van Damme quintuple feature: Hard Corps / Knock Off / Maximum Risk / Universal Soldier Return / Second in Command  

Back in Stock on Blu Ray! Based on real events, Paul Bernardo and his wife, Karla Homolka, kidnap, sexually abuse, and murder three young girls.

A rapturously stylized quartet of tales of demonic comeuppance and spiritual trials, featuring colorfully surreal sets, luminous cinematography, existentially frightening and meticulously crafted. Masaki Kobayashi, 1964. 

Back in Stock! Starring Dennis Hopper, John Leguizamo, and Asia Argento, The living dead have taken over the world, and the last humans live in a walled city to protect themselves as they come to grips with the situation. George A. Romero (2005)

Back In Stock! Labyrinthine psycho sexual Italian thriller where frustrated wife Carol Hammond is having bizarre, erotic dreams about her neighbour Julia. When Julia winds up dead, Carol is the prime suspect. Lucio Fulci (1973)  

Back In Stock! Fun Movie! Two sisters staying in a tourist trap battle toxic monsters wearing bigfoot costumes to save the ones they love. Matt Jackson, 2014. 

Kevin Smith’s follow up to his cult hit Clerks. Simultaneously dumped by their girlfriends, a comic book obsessive and best friend plan to ease the pain of their losses by taking take a trip to the local mall. 1995. 

Austrailian/Hong Kong action where a HK Inspector travels to Australia to extradite a drug dealer. When the hood is assassinated on his way to court, everyone suspects a crime lord who the local police haven’t been able to pick up. Yu Wang (1975) 

Highly entertaining oddball Italian exploitation film that’s equal parts Cannibal Ferox and Romancing the Stone. Michael Sopkiw, Suzane Carvalho, Milton Rodríguez, Michele Massimo Tarantini, 1985.

Back in Stock! Stars legendary stand-up comedian and actor Jackie Vernon as Donald, a disgruntled construction worker whose wife’s predilection for haute cuisine drives him to cannibalism. Wayne Berwick (1983)  

Back In Stock! Cult homage to the Universal monster matinees of the 1940s. Duncan Regehr, Tom Noonan, Fred Dekker, 1987. 

STEELCASE ALERT! In this cult horror comedy a “friendly” farmer and his sister kidnap unsuspecting travelers and bury them alive, using them to create the “special meat” for which they are famous. Rory Calhoun, Paul Linke, Nancy Parsons, 1980.

After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesiac, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality. Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, David Lynch.  

Back In Stock! A teenager who accidentally committed matricide finds himself being hunted together with his girlfriend and mates by his now crazed father. Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock, 1985.

Back In Stock! After a criminal motorcycle rider is put to death, he comes back from the dead to seek murderous revenge against the residents of a Florida town. James Justice (1989)

Back in Stock! Japanese horror trilogy. People mysteriously start receiving voicemail messages from their future selves, foretelling their deaths. Takashi Miike (2003, 2005, 2006)  

Back In Stock! Wonderfully oddball children’s film about a child who wakes up one morning bald and turns to a pair of ghosts for help who suggest using a formula made from peanut butter to cure his baldness. Michael Rubbo (1985) 

Back In Stock! There’s no better way to show off your Pioneer Elite monitor than with this amped up Blu-Ray edition of the recent Troma spectacular.  

Indonesian rip-off of Italian cannibal movies! Indonesian martial arts legend Barry Prima stars in this psychedelic and gory jungle adventure! Sisworo Gautama Putra, 1980.  

In this low budget horror movie, a nature photographer stumbles on a lynching and must make it out of the woods alive. Bruce Dern, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Eric Nelsen, Teddy Grennan, 2019. 

Back In Stock! A quintessential piece of early 80’s trash newly restored from the original camera negative and on blu-ray for the first time! Just look at the cover! Cameron Mitchell and Vic Diaz star!  

Arriving on 4K for the first time the not so great first date movie.

A chemical company manager and his secretary are both involved in corruption, sabotage and blackmail, which leads to toxic waste turning corpses into killer zombies. Pierre B. Reinhard, 1987.  

Back In Stock! The One. The Only. The power of Riki-Oh is real. Never forget that.

Back In Stock! The canadian answer to Deliverence!

Back In Stock! Starring Peter Weller, scientists have created the perfect weapon: a blade-wielding, self-replicating race of killing devices known as Screamers designed for one purpose only — to hunt down and destroy all enemy life forms. Christian Duguay (1995)  

Akira Kurosawa’s classic adventure in high definition! 

Back In Stock! Dark and subversive comedy where dueling gangs of clowns are pitted against each other in this outrageously funny comedy written by, directed by, and starring Bobcat Goldthwait (1991)  

Genre stalwart Jess Franco directs this provocative erotic film about an erotic dancer whose body is inhabited by a being from another dimension. Lina Romay, Evelyne Scott, Monica Swinn, 1977.  

Back in Stock! A sociology instructor finds her new teaching duties at a private college interrupted by the presence of a killer mental hospital patient. Richard W. Haines (1984)  

Faithful TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s sprawling post-apocalyptic novel of the battle between good and evil. Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, Mick Garris, 1994. 

Back in Stock…this amazing cult Australia biker film available for the first time on DVD in North America. Features Reg Evans of MAD MAX fame, 1974 

Back In Stock! Subversive cult classic horror-comedy about a toxic booze that melts anyone who drinks it! J. Michael Muro, 1987.  

A theatre director struggles with his work, and the women in his life, as he creates a life-size replica of New York City inside a warehouse as part of his new play.

Donald Pleasence and Nancy Allen narrate this collection of snippets from landmark horror, crime and science-fiction films from the 1930s to the 1980s. 

Back In Stock! The cult classic 70s revenge movie returns to the shop!

Back In Stock! That magical time of the year again.

Japanese tokusatsu movie based on the long running Ultraman series and last entry in the series to be released during the Heisei era. 2018. 

Back In Stock! Adam Sandler’s insanely great acting job in this tense flick!

Legendary category 3 serial killer crime thriller from Hong Kong based loosely on a notorious murder which place in Macau in the 80s involving cannibalism. Danny Lee, Anthony Wong, 1993. 

A college student suspects a series of bizarre deaths are connected to certain urban legends. Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, 1998. 

Back iN sTOCK! In the same “vein” as Shaun of the Dead, a blokey, sweary horror spoof from British comedy duo James Corden & Matthew Horne (Gavin & Stacey). 2009. 

After oil is found in a small town and local factory shut down, violent crime skyrockets. A young man has had enough and calls in his older brother, a cynical Vietnam vet, who cleans the streets but then tries to take over the town.

Back In Stock! In the classic, quintessential Ouija Board horror, a beautiful young woman unleashes a monstrous force while using a spirit board at her friend’s party. Tawny Kitaen, Stephen Nichols, Kevin S. Tenney, 1986. 

A young woman moves into a haunted apartment and turns to a Ouija board with unpleasant consequences. Ami Dolenz, Christopher Michael Moore, Laraine Newman, 1993. 

Back In Stock! A New York cop investigates a series of brutal deaths that resemble animal attacks. Albert Finney, Diane Venora, Edward James Olmos, 1981. 

A devilishly creepy horror anthology film about a group of girls at a sleepover telling scary stories in the dark… Ayla Guttman, Alexa Shae Niziak, Dennise Gregory, Violet Piper, Elena Burger, Graham Swon, 2018 

Back in Stock! Cult 80’s horror about a vengeful ghost, hot rods and a rocking soundtrack. Clint Howard, Nick Cassavettes, Charlie Sheen, Sherilyn Fenn. 1987.

Back In Stock! Hillbilly carnage with the first 5 Wrong Turns in one set.

And there it is for the week ahead. Some solid stuff indeed. New Movies Will land on FRIDAY this week. Cheers!