Tis The Season For Santa And Carnage And Movies, Movies, Movies…

Well what can be said. It’s cold. It’s Snowy. It’s December. It’s time for evil silly Christmas flicks. A few come dropping in this week along with some other beauties so let’s have a look shall we?

A nice little four pack of some true classics and semi classics.

After being made almost 15 years ago it finally gets a release! Autobiographical story of a nerdy sci-fi fan in small town Illinois who dreams of going to Hollywood and making movies, a dream he fosters in his own big back yard by shooting sequels to his favourite films. Patrick Read Johnson, 2022.  

BACK IN STOCK! Respected scientist and psychology professor Edward Jessup (William Hurt) decides to combine his experiments in sensory deprivation tanks with powerful hallucinogenic drugs, convinced that it may help him unlock different states of consciousness. The experiments are a success at first, but as Jessup continues his work, he begins to experience altered mental and also physical states. As he spends more time in sensory deprivation, his grip on reality begins to slip away.

Odd Canadian made 5th entry in the loosely connected Amityville Horror series. Kim Coates, Dawna Wightman, Helen Hughes, Jan Rubes, Tom Berry, 1990.  

BACK IN STOCK! In this Danish comedy, 4 friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood. Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang, Thomas Vinterberg, 2020. 

In this Greek film, amidst a worldwide pandemic that causes sudden amnesia, a middle-aged man finds himself enrolled in a recovery program designed to help unclaimed patients build new identities. Christos Nikou, 2020.  

BACK IN STOCK! Suffering and death await a group of party-goers at a water park in this horror comedy from Quebec. Renaud Gauthier, 2019. 

BACK IN STOCK! Special edition blu-ray release with soundtrack of the insane gorefest masterpiece by Italian gore auteur Lucio Fulci. 1981.  

A deranged painter, convinced that blood holds the secrets of creativity, finding his dead wife no longer providing him creative inspiration kidnaps a woman and imprisons her in his castle. John Phillip Law, Gordon Mitchell, Brigitte Christensen, Sergio B 

 BACK IN STOCK! Brian DePalma’s paranoid and often lurid homage to Hitchcock and Antonioni’s Blow Up. John Travolta, 1981.  

BACK IN STOCK! Deluxe blu-ray edition of Ruggero Deodato’s infamous 1980 exploitation film. Newly restored high definition print and new bonus features.  

BACK IN STOCK! Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s breakthrough comedy musical retells the story of Colorado Cannibal Alferd Packer in this new two-DVD set with never-before-seen bonus features. 1996.  

Unclassifiable American indie film about a laidback womanisner who, along with his disabled Vietnam vet buddy, investigates a murder after witnessing an older man with sunglasses dumping the dead body of a teenage girl. Jeff Bridges, John Heard, 1981.  

BACK IN STOCK! Soldier Anthony Curtis (Larenz Tate) returns to his Bronx home after a nightmarish tour of duty in Vietnam. But the nightmare continues for Anthony and his friends as they suffer the indignities of trying to find steady work and provide for their families in a flagging economy. As desperation takes hold, Anthony teams up with Skip (Chris Tucker), a drug addict, and Kirby (Keith David), a small-time crook, to pull off a bank heist that will give them all a chance for a better life.

A family man whose perfect life is turned into a nightmare of sex and torture when he allows himself to be seduced by two nubile young strangers who show up at his door on a rainy night. Seymour Cassel, Sondra Locke, Colleen Camp, 1977.  

Advent calendar from Hell! 24 macabre morsels of of creative thrills and chills from an international array of horror directors! Barbara Crampton, Ruggero Deodato, Lucky McKee, 2019.  

BACK IN STOCK! The sweet Sly Stallone triple feature returns to the shop!

The legendary UK holiday slasher! A masked maniac is taking down men dressed as Santa Claus and the cops are baffled! Edmund Purdom, 1984.  

Max, recently orphaned, goes to see a screening of a B-horror movie that her mother made 20 years earlier. When Max and her friends find themselves in the world of the film itself, they must apply their knowledge of horror tropes to survive.

BACK IN STOCK! That infamous cat and his twisted life are back & plunged headlong into the harsh realities of Vietnam, racial riots and Watergate of the ’70s. Robert Taylor, 1974.  

BACK IN STOCK! Dark & surreal comedy about a girl who turns to her psychotic boyfriend to end the reign of the high school mean girls. Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Richard Lehmann, 1989.  

BACK IN STOCK! Horror comedy from the director of Tetsuo the Iron Man about an archaeologist who uncovers a gateway to Hell under a small town school and goblin who is on a murder spree. Shin’ya Tsukamoto, 1991.  

A broke filmmaker in love with the mysterious woman next door puts out an ad offering to sell a movie script, and gets a response from a wiseguy with a habit of committing oddball crimes. Steve Buscemi, Jennifer Beals, Seymour Cassel, 1992.  

A devout priest welcomes a struggling couple into his house at Christmas time. What begins as a simple act of kindness quickly becomes the ultimate test of faith once the sanctity of his home is jeopardized. Eric Pennycoff, 2022.  

Sleazy giallo about a young man plagued by visions of his sadistic father when he returns to his ancestral home where he witnessed his father murdering a woman during a nasty S&M session. Dominique Boschero, Mara Maryl, Giancarlo Giannini, 1964.  

The Limey follows Wilson (Terence Stamp), a tough English ex-con who travels to Los Angeles to avenge his daughter’s death. Upon arrival, Wilson goes to task battling Valentine (Peter Fonda) and an army of L.A.’s toughest criminals, hoping to find clues and piece together what happened. After surviving a near-death beating, getting thrown from a building and being chased down a dangerous mountain road, the Englishman decides to dole out some bodily harm of his own.

BACK IN STOCK! Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg are on a film set telling stories about past productions and burning witches at the stake, meanwhile technical problems, ego, and psychotic outbreaks gradually plunge the shoot into chaos. Gaspar Noé, 2019.  

BACK IN STOCK! Two young women who were both victims of abuse as children embark on a bloody quest for revenge, only to find themselves plunged into a living hell of depravity.

BACK IN STOCK! Starring Emilio Estevez, a group of people try to survive when machines start to come alive and become homicidal. Stephen King (1986)  

Austrian auteur Michael Haneke’s first three theatrical features, The Seventh Continent, Benny’s Video, and 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance  

BACK IN STOCK! All three Mimic flicks in one Blu Ray set.

In this biographical film, glamorous yet lonely star Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) takes in two orphans, and at first their unconventional family seems happy. But after Joan’s attempts at romantic fulfillment go sour and she is fired from her contract with MGM studios, her callous and abusive behavior towards her daughter Christina (Diana Scarwid) becomes even more pronounced. Christina leaves home and takes her first acting role, only to find her mother’s presence still overshadowing her.

Based on true events in the Appalachian Mountains, Mountain Devil recounts the frightening events of the night Frank Peterson and his friend spent the night in a secluded cabin stalked by something they could not explain. Ryan Cavalline (2017)  

NIGHT OF FEAR: A young woman is taken prisoner by a maniac after her horse runs away. Some time later, another young woman is forced off the road and crashes her car, then is stalked by that same maniac.

INN OF THE DAMNED: A sheriff investigates why the guests at an eerie inn, deep in an isolated Australian rain forest, check in but never check out.

Something strange is afoot in a small remote town in Utah, as a series of sinister state experiments in the surrounding desert leads to the contamination of its water supply, transforming the residents into lethal brainless maniacs. Nico Mastorakis, 1988.  

BACK IN STOCK! That infamous cat and his twisted life are back & plunged headlong into the harsh realities of Vietnam, racial riots and Watergate of the ’70s. Robert Taylor, 1974.  

Shot on Video micro budget horror heavily influenced by dreamy Eurocult sleaze epics of ‘70s crossed with the supernatural shorefront stylings of The Slayer and Blood Beach. Brad Sykes, 1995.  

BACK IN STOCK! There’s no better way to show off your Pioneer Elite monitor than with this amped up Blu-Ray edition of the recent Troma spectacular.  

An internet gambler living in NYC who becomes fixated on a cam girl from San Francisco. His obsession reaches a boiling point when fantasy materializes in reality and he sees her on a rainy Chinatown street. Peter Vack, Julia Fox, Keith Poulson, Ben Hozie  

BACK IN STOCK! In this French horror, a young woman, studying to be a vet, develops a craving for human flesh. Julia Ducournau, 2016. 

BACK IN STOCK! A quintessential piece of early 80’s trash newly restored from the original camera negative and on blu-ray for the first time! Just look at the cover! Cameron Mitchell and Vic Diaz star!  

BACK IN STOCK! The brain munchers with attitude are back as a young man uses a secret government chemical program to reanimate his dead girlfriend, helping her as she consumes the only thing that will nourish her, human brains. Brian Yuzna (1993)  

A pair of door-to-door religious paraphernalia saleswomen / Catholic schoolgirls knock on the wrong door in this 70’s style rape/revenge throwback. Joseph Guzman, 2009. 

Trying to survive the family Christmas, Cody makes a wish to be alone, which ends up backfiring when a shark manifests and attempts to kill his entire family.

A hallucinogenic tribute to Something Weird Video! Includes: THE NAKED WITCH (1961) / VIOLATED (1953) / GHOSTS OF HANLEY HOUSE (1968) / PASSION IN THE SUN (1964)  

A horror anthology that explores various aspects of the human condition as each character traverses through tragedies caused by a supernatural entity. 2022.  

BACK IN STOCK! Maika and her ragtag group of friends discover an alien invasion in their tiny arctic hamlet, and it’s up to them to fight back using makeshift weapons and horror movie knowledge.

A controversial and campy riff from Full Moon on Richard Connell’s oft-adapted story THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME but set in space. With boobs! Elizabeth Kaitan, Cindy Beal, Brinke Stevens, 1987.  

Beautiful editions of both the 1974 original and the insane 1986 sequel!

BACK IN STOCK! Action crime drama where a professional safecracker (James Caan), becoming closer to his dream of leading a normal life, agrees to do a job for the mafia, who have other plans for him. Michael Mann (1981)  

Detective Joe Kozenczak (Michael Riley) tracks down John Wayne Gacy (Brian Dennehy), convicted in 1980 of 33 Chicago serial killings.

BACK IN STOCK! Includes: Fall of the House of Usher (1960) / The Haunted Palace (1963) / The Masque of the Red Death (1964) / Witchfinder General (1968) / The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) / The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971).  

Gaspar Noe directs this remarkably sensitive portrait of the last days of an elderly couple stricken by dementia. Dario Argento, Francoise Lebrun, Alex Lutz, 2021  

Third released film in Paul Naschy’s beloved series of films about the tragic werewolf Waldemar Daninsky – in this one he battles an evil vampiric witch. León Klimovsky, 1971  

BACK IN STOCK! WITCH 1: Hyperviolent Korean film about an orphaned girl who comes of age with unusual powers which she puts to bone-crunching, blood-spurting use. Kim Da-Mi, Hoon-jung Park. 2018.  WITCH 2: After a mysterious girl emerges as the sole survivor of a bloody raid on the research facility behind the top-secret Witch Program, she is rescued by a couple who understands the grave danger the girl now faces. Park Hoon-jung, 2022.  

Colourful George Pal Cinerama production which intercuts the biography of the Brothers Grimm with 6 of their fairy tales. Laurence Harvey, Karlheinz Böhm, Claire Bloom, 1962. 

And there we go guys! Hopefully some of these titles will do the job of Christmas gifts for a friend or yourself. See ya later in the week! Cheers.

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