Out of all the companies bringing us forgotten gems back to life on Blu Ray with gorgeous new transfers Warner Archives are slowly climbing the ladder of making us excited for what they have for us next. Today 5 new titles were announced. All getting glorious restoration transfers in sound and sight and hitting BLU RAY for the first time ever! Videostore nerd excitement level is high!

First up the great Jackie Chan in the 1997 cult classic MR. NICE GUY. Not only hitting Blu Ray but coming in it’s original extended cut! Fantastic! A Chinese chef accidentally gets involved with a news reporter who filmed a drug bust that went awry, and is now being chased by gangs who are trying to get the video tape.

From 1974 comes the anthology FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! Starring legendary actors Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence, and David Warner it’s a must have for collectors! An anthology of four short horror stories revolving around a British antique shop and its mysterious owner.

Roman Polanski’s cult classic comedy Horror from 1967 finally gets the transfer it deserves! A noted professor and his dim-witted apprentice fall prey to their inquiring vampires, while on the trail of the ominous damsel in distress.

Not to be confused with the unfortunate REMAKE of the same name this was the 1973 MADE FOR TV horror film. Back in the 70s TV horror movies happened all the time and some were far better than the movies playing in cinema. This is one of them! A young couple inherits an old mansion inhabited by small demon-like creatures who are determined to make the wife one of their own.

Before this year’s DC hit came out back in 1974 there was the live action TV series of Shazam! For those comic book nerds out there it is a guilty pleasure to have this bad boy and once again on this beautiful new Blu Ray transfer. Crazy! A young boy, able to transform into the superhero Captain Marvel, travels the country fighting evil and helping people.

So be excited my friends! The goodness keeps on rolling in to the shop. And as always…first come first serve! Cheers!